what aussies think about the philippines

Here’s What Aussies Think of the Philippines

Have you ever wondered what other nationalities think of the Philippines?

In a seminar held in AFP Theater last May, an Australia-based online marketing professional shared the result of a survey in which he asked his Twitter followers the following question, “What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of the Philippines?”

Dan Petrovic, managing director of an online marketing company in Bristol, presented the result of the survey to a crowd of 215 Filipino marketing professionals at PeepCon 2.0, a search marketing conference held in May.

Beaches and Boracay

Among the 1,033 Australians who replied, 5% of the respondents answered “beaches,” proving that tourism is definitely the one thing that the Philippines is best known for. Destinations and food are two prominent themes from the survey. Among the locations in the country, “Manila” and “Boracay” rank high on the list.

borcay beach

In April 2016 alone, the recorded expenditure of Australian visitors was PHP 1.10 billion, ranking fourth among the top 12 markets.

Mangoes and Pacman

For the food category, our “dried mangos” and “bananas” seem to have made names for themselves overseas. The study stated it might be due to a large number of foodie Australians looking for unique gastronomic experiences.

The country’s tourism department can take a clue from the survey and boost our promotion of our delicacies and culinary culture.

manny pacquiao

Also, maybe it’s time to look at Manny Pacquiao as a tourism ambassador, as he’s one of the most answered in personality in the survey. In fact, the Philippines is seem to be known for specific sports and gaming, such as Dota.

To no one’s surprise, other familiar names include Imelda Marcos and Ferdinand Marcos.

The Good, The Bad, The Neutral

It’s not all good though. Poverty & Disorder takes the 5th place among the prominent themes, with 3.7% of the respondents citing the poverty and crime in the country.

Other not –so-favorable answers fall under the category Adult Industry, Crime and Corruption, and Bad Weather. It seems like the circus also known as our local politics, and the news of our awful traffic has reached other lands.

While it would be foolish to think that there are nothing bad to say about the country, it’s still pretty awesome to know that Aussies have a pretty cohesive idea of the Philippine—pros, cons, and all. Now, the next step is to strengthen the good sides and to work on the bad sides.

Be it the good, the bad, or the ugly, there’s always something to love about our little nation.


Special thanks to Mackenzie Fox of Dejan SEO for additional info on this survey! You can read the results in its entirety here

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