Was kann man von den Philippinen erwarten?

What to expect in the Philippines? We expected gun crime, knife crime and prostitutes swinging from the lampposts…

No, we didn’t, really.

That was just the picture painted by mature, seasoned backpackers we had met and told that the Philippines was our next destination. But let us help you change that picture as we share with you the actual things to expect in the Philippines based on our recent trip to the islands.

1You’ll be greeted with smiles all the time.

We started off in Manila. It was refreshing to speak to people and not having to change our accent just so they could understand us. The people were full of smiles and always wanted to help.

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2You will be impressed!

Off we go to the mega impressive Tumalog falls. Luckily for us, we were the only people there—for five good minutes, at least. Tumalog Falls were the first falls we had seen in the Philippines. Expect warm smiles, and people offering you a ride back up for PHP 30. It’s an instant smile when you get up close and see how amazing and large these falls are.

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3You will want to live in a mystical place.

siquijor cambugahay falls

In the same day, we travelled to Siquijor. I had seen other travelers’ videos of this amazing island and instantly knew that we needed to visit. Expect to hear witchcraft stories and other mystic traditions for those are the things the island is known for. But once you see the surrounding beauty, like the falls and cheap but luxurious bungalows on your own private beach, you will magically want to stay here. That was why we made it our home for a week while living only on the catch of the day.

4You will never run out of things to do.

kayak philippines

Kayaking, motor biking, sunsets, beers, beach, beers, schools of fish, corals, smiles, waves, and more beers. You will just never run out of things to discover, explore, and experience in the Philippines.

5You will never want to leave.

siquijor beach philippines

Seventeen days in the Philippines yet my fiancé and I still didn’t want to leave. For those of you who are intrigued about what to expect in the Philippines, don’t let the negative news or other people discourage you, and just go for it. You won’t regret it.

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