Where To Hang Out In Boracay: 13 Lesser-Known Spots To Explore

During the hottest season, the sun attempts to fulfill its lifelong mission by melting our skin. It is something that Philippines is uniquely blessed with that other countries are envious of. Filipinos proudly strut around, wearing their effortless golden tans. This is exactly why our tropical climate is a good excuse to head out to the beach. Check out these places on where to hang out in Boracay perfect for beach bumming and all sorts of activities.

Station 1 is home to several high end hotels. Many honeymooners and families prefer to dwell in its spaciousness and tranquility. However, it’s a different story when the day ends because a lot of clubs here come to life. As for Station 2, life becomes fast-paced and is suitable for the younger crowd. There are bars and clubs, as well as joints that offer live music. You’ll also find plenty of commercial establishments at D’mall. D’Talipapa and other restaurants can be found here.

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Compared to the other two, Station 3 has a laidback vibe. People who stay here seek peace and normally want to avoid the crowd. It is also home to many backpacker and budget hotels.

Besides the usual, there are more places when it comes to where to hang out in Boracay. Take the road less traveled and check out these spots for a restful vacation!

If you’re flying solo:

Tambisaan Beach

where to hang out in boracay
Image Credit: @barlit_dmitriy via Instagram

Ditch the crowds by going to the lesser-known spots. Take a chance on Tambisaan Beach. Out of all the beaches in Boracay, this one is one of the best snorkeling spots. Bring your gear to experience the vast marine life like playful clownfish and bright corals. You don’t have swim far from the shore enjoy this. You can even test your photography skills here because sometimes boats come out here to dock.

Punta Bunga Beach

where to hang out in boracay
Image Credit: @will_cheyney via Instagram

Sometimes, the world can get the best of us. We need a temporary escape from our stressors once in a while. It’s a good thing beaches like Punta Bunga exist that rejuvenate our weary souls. You’ve got a piece of Boracay without the crowd. If you’ve got the cash to splurge, this one’s totally worth it. Keep in mind that Punta Bunga Beach is exclusive to resorts like Ecovillage, Mövenpick, and Shangri-La.

If you’re with your partner-in-crime:

Bulabog Beach

where to hang out in boracay
Image Credit: @trickponygobig via Instagram

If you’re both crazy about water sports, Bulabog Beach is the beach to be in. Throughout the entire year, expect kitesurfing and windsurfing enthusiasts to gather around its waters. Colorful kites fill up the skies, which is always a spectacular sight to see. If you and your companion decide to go for a swim, avoid the area designated for water sports.

Puka Beach

where to hang out in boracay
Image Credit: @hubertguamos via Instagram

This beach attracts a lot of tourists because of its unique grainy sand with hints of puka shells. Spend quality time with your bes by reading books, taking jump shots or going swimming. Generally, it’s quieter here since you won’t find a large partying crowd here. However, don’t swim out too far because the current can get strong.

If you’re with your squad:

White Beach

where to hang out in boracay
Image Credit: @sandqvistamanda via Instagram

 Being at one of the most popular beaches on the island has its price. This means you’ll have to share this paradise with both local and foreign tourists. We’ll bet you’ll even run into someone you know. But, the fun part is you’ll never run out of things to do here. The list starts with banana boating, helmet diving, and so much more!

White House Beach Lounge

where to hang out in boracay
Image Credit: @jon_aco via Instagram

When you want something ideal for big groups that want to just enjoy drinks and chill by the beach, think of White House Beach Lounge. Their food like Sisig Foie Gras and Bagnet Kare-Kare is exceptional. What makes it attractive is that it’s part of a family-run resort located on Station 1. With a place like this, is there a reason to venture out anywhere else?

Gypsea Shack Bar and Grill

where to hang out in boracay
Image Credit: Gypsea Shack Bar and Restaurant via Facebook

Where to hang out in Boracay on any night of the week? Make a beeline for Gypsea Shack Bar and Grill. This giant tree house-like restaurant made of bamboo channels all of the island’s vibes that will reel you in. Because of its design, you’ll still be able to catch the breeze even if you’re indoors. Their hand-painted tables will probably the first thing to grab your attention. Enjoy a sumptuous Filipino meal with your favorite squad or a delicious boodle fight with strangers. If you hang around for a couple of beers, you’ll catch the live band playing.

If you’re with your crush:

Ilig-Iligan Beach

where to hang out in boracay
Image Credit: @justthe_two_ofus via Instagram

Intimate moments are shared when you and your crush are both feeling vulnerable. That means you’re not afraid to be yourselves and even disclose a couple of secrets. Impress your crush by having picnic at Ilig-Iligan Beach. Take it to the next level by bringing your crush to a secret beach just off Ilig-Iligan Beach. The only way you can get there is by swimming. Imagine having an entire beach to yourselves. Skinny-dipping? So landi. We’ll leave that up to you *wink*.

If you’re with your family:

Diniwid Beach

where to hang out in boracay
Image Credit: @susythepilot via Instagram

If you’re looking for a quieter alternative to White Beach, head to Diniwid Beach. Make your way through the rocky entrance off the cliff not too far off the sea level. The beach may not be as large as White Beach, but it’s the best place to unwind. Have a couple of beers and catch the sunset at Spider House.

Looking for a place to stay? Microtel by Wyndham might be just up your alley!

Cha Cha’s Beach Café

where to hang out in boracay
Image Credit: @chachasboracay via Instagram

Staying at Coast Boracay entitles you convenient access to this restaurant though walk-in guests are welcome as well. Treat your family out to a nice place that has tasteful aesthetics and amazing food. They serve a great buffet selection catering both Asian and Western tongues. Let your teeth sink in best sellers like Sriracha BBQ Chicken Stone-Fired Pizza and Winner Winner Fried Chicken. To cap off the day, order a signature cocktail and enjoy the gorgeous view while on this scenic island.

Lapuz Lapuz Beach

where to hang out in boracay
Image Credit: @jtheshowgirl via Instagram

Spend some real quality time with the fam by checking in at Fairways & Bluewater Boracay. Lapuz Lapuz Beach, located on the eastern side of the island, is restricted to its hotel guests. Without having to fear about the algae season, it is clean and well kept by the staff. If you have children, feel free to let them roam around and explore the place. You will truly feel what it’s like to have a piece of Boracay.

If you’re with your lover:

Balinghai Beach

where to hang out in boracay
Image Credit: @minyful via Instagram

Still confused on where to hang out in Boracay? Try to drop by Balinghai Beach. It may not be the biggest one around, but this cove emphasizes on privacy. Owned by a private resort, Balinghai Beach can be accessed by outsiders for a fee (consumable of food, drinks, etc). This one stands out because in order to get to the beach, you’ll have to “trek” through a nature trail. Just be careful about the sharp rocks found near the water. The view on top is spectacular. It’s as if you’re surrounded by a forest and at the same time, you still have sights of the ocean.

Banyugan Beach

where to hang out in boracay
Image Credit: @shawnlimzr via Instagram

Spend your next anniversary in each other’s arms without random strangers in the background. The best way to do that is to check in at the Shangri-La Resort. This guarantees private access to Banyugan Beach, promising to provide intimacy to you and your companion. Non-guests won’t be allowed to step foot at this very private beach so you don’t have to be worried about being disturbed.

Summer is the best excuse to ditch work (temporarily) and hit the beach. It can be a slice of heaven once you’ve discovered where to hang out in Boracay. If you’re a beach bum or a party animal, there’s always a place for everyone on this beautiful island. Wear your best summer outfit because now’s the time to get your groove on. Last one to the beach is a rotten egg!

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