Why Baler Has People Falling in Love with It

The great open water provides numerous adventures to people. What luck the Philippines has for having thousands and thousands of islands surrounded with water offering thousands and thousands of activities more for the adventure-seekers of the great Philippine outdoors. With all this water surrounding the country, surfing has captured the interest and hearts of many, especially in the last few years. One of the famous surfing spots in the country is Baler, a province in Aurora, that has gained popularity for its waves.

When one says Baler, one would think—surfing. That’s a given. But not all, really, have heard of why Baler can charm you not just by its waves but also by about everything you can experience there.

Here is a rundown of why Baler is a charmer that you’ll love to come back to. Repeatedly.

1It is a great surfing spot.

Sabang Beach Baler

Of course, we cannot skip this one. People love Baler for surfing. No one can deny that. Although the waters and the beach per se can barely be enjoyed for wading, the waves are perfect for that surfing adventure. And, in Baler, this actually comes cheap! For PHP 350, you can rent a board and have a trainer to guide you through that surfing experience for an hour. It’s a pretty good workout too!

2Baler has hidden waterfall gems.

You’d be surprised to know that there are more than a single way to enjoy Baler. Aurora, just as with several notable provinces in the country, offers several waterfalls that are worth all the trekking your adventurous legs can muster! An easy waterfall to see is the roadside waterfall which is the Diguisit Falls, perfect for those who just want to sit back and see something nice.

diguisit falls from panoramio
Image credit: Panoramio

Caunayan Falls, on the other hand, offers some trekking experience. It’s a small waterfall that has enough space for people to wade and an area for dining picnic-style.

But the best of the three offers a bigger adventure and an even greater sight to see. Ditumabo Falls, or more famously known as the Mother Falls, takes a 30 to 45-minute trek through boulders and rivers atop a the mountain but it is definitely a diamond in the rough. It’s a breath-taking place to dip yourself and your soul into.

path to mother falls
Hike to Dimutabo Falls
Dimutabo Falls
Dimutabo Falls

3It has beaches. Yes, plural. Beachesss.

Sabang beach is where all the surfing fun happens. But Baler gives everyone the option to enjoy the beach the way most would—by sitting back, relaxing and soaking up in the sun. And you can do this in not just one, not just two, but three beaches! Beach hopping is a thing in Baler. Find a trike driver and he’d be more than willing to be your beach tour guide for the day.

Diguisit Beach is known to be the rocky beach. It’s scenic and boasts of the rock formations in the area—a perfect place to ponder on the wondrous ways of nature.

Diniadawan Beach perhaps has the most scenic view of all the Baler beaches with a natural landscape formed by the Pacific Ocean, the lush forests of the Sierra Madre mountain range and its untouched shoreline.

Lukso-Lukso Islets is a beach destination comprised of three islets with one of them connected to the mainland. This is also a good spot for snorkeling and diving.

4Food in Baler is amazing.

This is a wonderful, all too wonderful thing about Baler—they have great food. And they all come with an even better price! Baler on the get-go is simple and heartfelt and that same goes for their food. And where to find them? Everywhere! But for a quick rundown, here’s where to go:

baler surf grill
Image Credit: Baler Surf Grill from Angelo the Explorer

The Good Food

Easy-going comfort food is what they serve. Their menu consists of the best burger in town, quesadillas, tacos and other grilled choices. For 70 to 150 PHP, you’ll be filled and ready to go back on your adventure with an extremely happy stomach.

Yellow Fin

The beach will never be complete without great grilled food. Yellow Fin offers this. It is one of the best grilling restaurants in town, and they can get you all filled up with 100 to 200 PHP per person.

Baler Surfer Grill

Another grill royalty in Baler is this restaurant that grills their food in Volkswagen Beetles. As cool as their way of cooking is the scrumptiousness of their food.

Kusina Luntian

If you wanna go laid back in the plainest sense of the term, you go here. They serve rather unforgettable food on banana leaves and you have to eat it off with your bare hands. It’s an experience in itself and is definitely worth visiting.

El Teodoro

This is the perfect place to get breakfast or your anytime-of-day silog fix. For 70 to 80 PHP, you’re good to go with just about any silog you can think of.

kusina luntian from looloo
Image Credit: Kusina Luntian from Loo Loo

5Baler is paradise.

Baler is, in every sense of the word, paradise. It boasts beautiful sights and destinations. It is a famous surfing spot. The people in Baler are wonderful. It is an over-all amazing place where one can literally kick back and relax (or surf and go be adventurous.) It encompasses the things that make a place paradise.

Planning your next adventure? You know where to go.


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