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8 Things We Love About Janella Salvador

The Filipino showbiz industry is tough for anyone to break into. Scouts and talent managers are always on the lookout for the next big star. They comb the country for that special person who encompasses the entire package. They look for that attractive quality, talents and skills, and of course, the inexplicable It factor. Then, someone comes along and does just that, and that person is Janella Salvador.

Janella Maxine Desiderio Salvador, popularly known as Janella Salvador to the public, is one of the hottest teen sensations around. This Cebuana beauty stands out from the crowd especially with her gorgeous smile and alluring charisma. Today, she continues to pave the road for acting, modeling, and singing. Here just a few things we love about her.

1Her early start

We first recognized this pretty face in teleseryes such as Be Careful With My Heart and Oh My G! produced by ABS-CBN. She played as Nikki Grace Lim, the antsy middle child, in Be Careful With My Heart alongside Jodi Sta. Maria and Richard Yap. Oh My G! gave her the leading role of kikay Sophie Cepeda going through a life-changing experience after the loss of her parents.

2Her genetic talent

janella salvador

In the Philippines, a lot of people aspire to become celebrities and achieve instant fame. Lucky for Janella, she harnessed a lot of talents. At the tender age of six, she landed her first contract with Star Magic.

For Janella, it was already destined in the stars. We mean, where else can her talents sprout from? Her acting chops are traced from her mom, Jenine Desiderio, who played Kim in the cast of Miss Saigon. Her father is Juan Miguel Salvador, who is a singer-songwriter. This girl is lucky enough to inherit both of her parents’ talents!

3Her self-confidence

Her face is literally everywhere from magazine covers to merchandise (must we say more?). Janella Salvador is slaying it with the latest Olay commercial starring Pia Wurtzbach and Charo Santos-Concio. Don’t forget that she’s a Palmolive Girl as well! What’s not to love about this girl? Her self-confidence radiates from inside and has mastered the art of projection. She really deserves everything including adding the title of endorser to her résumé. Siya na talaga!

4Her singing chops

Her undeniable talent has led Walt Disney Studios Philippines to cast her as the Philippines’ version of “How Far I’ll Go” for the latest Disney movie Moana. Following the steps of Lea Salonga and Sarah Geronimo who have contributed to the Disney franchise, Janella has the title of Disney Princess tucked under her sleeve. Even Hong Kong Disneyland handpicked her to sing “Happily Ever After” to mark the theme park’s 10th year.

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Back in 2015, she released her self-titled debut album including her versions of “Kapag Tumibok ang Puso,” “Mahal Kita Pero,” and “Ganyan Talaga.” Listen to some of these songs that are available on iTunes and Spotify. Just early this year, she paired up with Marlo Mortel to sing “Mananatili,” one of the submissions that made it to the top 15 of 2016 Himig Handog P-Pop Love Songs. You go, girl!

5Her It Girl status

janella salvador

Janella Salvador is part of this generation’s It girls that comprise of Liza Soberano, Julia Barretto, and Kathryn Bernardo. She carries a natural swag with her that makes it difficult to take our eyes off her.

janella salvador

Like a born chameleon, she can also transform into any identity on the stage. Stay tuned to watch our favorite girl rock on ASAP every Sunday whether it’s singing, dancing, or even both!

6Her advocacies

janella salvador

Did you know that 12 Filipinas succumb to cervical cancer every day? Even at a young age, Janella is aware of the effects of the deadly disease and has protected herself. She’s proud and even has the band-aid to prove it. Janella’s preventative measures against cancer can inspire the youth to do the same.

7Her gift for music

Her voice isn’t her only secret weapon. She can also play other musical instruments like guitar, piano, and ukulele! Grabe, what else can’t this girl do? No wonder she’s been nicknamed as Philippines’ OPM Pop Sweetheart.

We’re amazed by girls who can rock musical instruments. Janella is no exception. It’s hard to find such raw talent like hers. Who knows? With her musical talent, it is very likely she can play other instruments if she wanted to.

8Her kilig moments

janella salvador

The pairing of Janella Salvador and Elmo Magalona has led to one of the most adorable love teams around. These two have proved to today’s generation that they really are multi-talented when it comes to singing and dancing? ElNella was formed in the short-lived teleserye Born For You. Admit it, you get kilig over these two cuties any time of the day.

janella salvador

Their natural onscreen chemistry has sparked celebrity rumors. The most recent one led to the supposed break up between Elmo Magalona and his ex-girlfriend, Janine Gutierrez. We don’t know if that one is true. However, that hasn’t stopped us gushing over these two. We can’t wait what other projects are in store for these love birds.

janella salvador

It can’t be denied that all-around Janella Salvador has so much talent in her. At the tender age of 18, she still has a long way to go in the showbiz industry. We’re definitely excited what her next projects will be, be it local or international!

Now, excuse us as we play Janella’s rendition of “How Far I’ll Go” on loop.

janella salvador


Photo are from Janella Salvador’s Instagram.

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