sailing in the philippines
Image Credit: Taal Lake Yacht Club (TLYC) Website

Why You Should Try Sailing in the Philippines

Almost all of us have our own bucket lists aka that quintessential list of achievements and life activities you crave to experience before you die. But just in case you’ve already checked off exploring Batanes, swimming in the Enchanted River of Surigao del Sur, surfing in La Union, and reaching the sea of clouds in Pulag—why not add sailing in the Philippines to that bucket list and inject this little crazy experience in your life?

Here are some reasons why sailing is worth giving a shot:

There is physical work of mind and body.

sailing in the philippines sport
Image Credit: Asia at Sea

Being on a sailboat means you don’t just sit and enjoy the cruise while the sailor maneuvers and works on with the sail. You need to be an active participant. You will stay in the port (left-hand side of the boat when facing the bow) for a while, and then you jibe or tack and transfer on the starboard (right-hand side of the boat when facing the bow). You will learn all these sailing terms when you board. Keep them in mind because they really are needed.

Be alert. Sailing is coordination with your mind and body because you feel the breeze, you watch the sails, you jibe and tack, and you keep your head out because the boom swings side to side as the sail flaps like a flag.

sailing in the philippines pet
Image Credit: TLYC’s Facebook Page

During the course, I’m pretty sure you will love chasing the wind while the white or colorful sails surge against a clear, blue sky.

Big waves and strong winds are never boring.

sailing in the philippines: capsized boat
Image Credit: Asia at Sea
sailing in the philippines
Image Credit: Taal Lake Yacht Club (TLYC) Website

Sailing gets more exciting and challenging during a strong breeze and big waves. Your boat will be reckless, and adrenaline will keep pumping in your body. The winds will direct your sails and will cause your boat to move sideways. Everything becomes faster to get from point A to point B, so make sure you properly maneuver the boat; else, you will capsize or overturn it. But capsizing is always part of the fun.

Do you want the challenge?

sailing in the philippines challenge
Image Credit: Sylvan Leicht via TLYC’s Facebook Page
sailing in the philippines
Image Credit: Sylvan Leicht via TLYC’s Facebook Page

Are you brave enough to be in the middle of a lake, riding a boat that is tilted as if the Earth is inverted and you’re gonna fall? Afraid of water? I believe sailing is also one of the best options to conquer that besides swimming. Go, dare to sail and have that sense of accomplishment just like when you’ve reached a summit.

If you already have hundreds of photos of rainforests, summits, sunrise, and sunsets, then you should add to those a unique photo of your sailing adventure with the beautiful Taal volcano as your backdrop. For the adventure-and-experience seeking soul, visit the Taal Lake Yacht Club, the “sailing Mecca in the Philippines,” go on board and start your first sailing journey.


Taal Lake Yacht Club is open to non-members too. Visit their website or Facebook page for sailing rates and other programs available.

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