10 Things All Coffee Lovers Can Relate To

There are things that people can’t live without, like water and sleep. These things are vital for survival that we allot a time of day to get our dose of these basic life necessities. Like these life necessities, one drink has taken the hearts of many that it has become a need for a lot of people—coffee. Many people have considered themselves coffee lovers because they just can’t go through a day without it.

Below are ten things that you will definitely understand if you’re one of the many people in the world who live and breathe coffee:

1Life only starts after coffee.

coffee lovers

You are only half the person that you are without coffee. Waking up from your sleep is only half the job done. You need coffee to start up your day and to become the full-fledged awesome person that you really are!

2The smell of coffee makes your heart skip a little.

coffee lovers

That aroma of coffee smells like true love. It’s like smelling the all-too-familiar scent of the love of your life. You know that a dear cup of coffee is right around an arm’s length if you smell that roasted aroma of your favorite drink.

3You know your coffee like the back of your hand.

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Most coffee lovers like their drink a certain way. And since you drink your coffee every day, you know when something is off with it. That, or you’re very particular with the taste of coffee that’s been served to you. Also, when you order your coffee from your favorite coffee shop, you order for a very specific kind of drink. “Iced grande latte, non-fat, one packet of brown sugar, less ice, with one pump of vanilla syrup please!”

4There’s no such thing as too much coffee.

coffee lovers

Coffee is an everyday essential, just like water, that you don’t only drink it once and not only twice either. You drink it at every possible moment to keep you living and breathing.

5No coffee is too expensive if it’s good.

coffee lovers

A chunk of your wallet is rendered to your coffee shop visits. Some people may think that it’s absurd to spend on coffee ten times more expensive than instant coffee. But you fervently believe that good coffee is a great life investment.

6You somehow can’t understand how other people function without coffee.

coffee lovers

It is always shocking when people tell you that they can make do without coffee. Like, how even, right? You can’t last an hour without coffee and there are people who live without it. That’s pretty absurd!

7For most times, there’s really not much coffee can’t fix.

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Coffee is your life’s overall superhero. It fixes things for you. It fixes a bad day or a bad mood. Coffee is the answer to all of life’s ugliness. With a coffee in hand, life is well again.

8You can’t imagine your life without coffee.

coffee lovers

You don’t remember anymore that last day you have gone without coffee. It’s not like it’s a good time to go back to. Life has been so much better with coffee around and you don’t dare try to imagine how it would be like to have to go without it, ever.

9And you can’t imagine coffee without caffeine.

coffee lovers

Having your coffee decaf is a mortal sin to you. Coffee makes no sense without the caffeine. Decaffeinated coffee is so imaginable to you because you like that kick of coffee that keeps you alive, awake and pumping.

10There are far too many times in your life that you have thanked coffee for its existence.

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You believe with all your heart that coffee is heaven sent. It has been your companion through the coziest of mornings and the busiest of nights. Having coffee in your life feels like finally finding true love. And you go to sleep at night, thankful for having gone through the day alive and thinking of the first cup of coffee you’re going to have the next day.

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