LaBoracay Survival Guide: 10 Ways To Get Out Of Boracay Alive

There is an abundance of tropical paradise in the Philippines. It is quite unbelievable how much beauty a single country can hold. We’re pretty sure you can agree with us when we say that this country has the most beautiful beaches in the world.

One of the most popular beaches we have around here is Boracay. Just last year, it was named the most beautiful island of 2016 by Conde Nast Traveler, an internationally heralded travel magazine. While Boracay is a crowd favorite throughout the whole year, one time of the year rocks Boracay like no other. Every weekend on which Labor Day (May 1) falls, the island’s energy multiplies by a million. During this time of the year, the biggest parties are thrown and enjoyed by a multitude of people from all over the world.

To make this year’s LaBoracay, as people fondly call the weekend event, Philihappy will be arming you a quick survival guide to make the best out of this biggest summer event!

1Plan Ahead

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The highest peak of all Boracay seasons would easily have to be the LaBoracay weekend. You can expect thousands of people, high prices and piling reservations. It is always best to plan ahead. Book your tickets and accommodations ahead of time. Set everything straight before hitting the island for a hassle-free vacation!

Don’t worry, Philihappy has prepared some accommodation choices for all kinds of LaBoracay budget!

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2Ready Your Wallet

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Money plays a huge factor in vacations, that’s for sure. It is wise to set a budget already for the things you have to spend on while on the island. While Boracay may have banks and money transfer options, it is best that you have planned your finances well to avoid getting short.

If traveling on a budget, the key is to prioritize what to spend on according to what your wallet dictates.

3Make Sure To Always Be Packed With Energy

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LaBoracay parties run almost a complete revolution around the clock. To keep your energy going, make sure to eat well. Boracay has a lot of food choices for you to enjoy!

4Party Wisely


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There will be a million parties to choose from. If you are able to, party hop all weekend if you must! To avoid missing the best ones, though, do your research about the parties on the island. It pays to know where it will be popping. You wouldn’t wanna miss a great party, yes?

5Party Responsibly

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We’re all for LaBoracay fun, that’s for sure. It is always good, however, to remind people to party responsibly. We’re all adults here who must know our limits to keep ourselves from harm or getting into a fight or getting jailed during one of the best beach weekends of the year! Don’t get in any form of trouble!

6Never Party Alone

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I mean, of course, why would you party alone? It is always more fun to have a buddy or ten with you! This also is for your safety. Trust us, at some point, a friend will come in handy.

7Remember, Water Is Your Friend

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Keep yourself hydrated! Water will keep your body going and will level out the alcohol in your body!

And by “water is your friend” we also mean, saltwater is also gonna be your vacation best friend. Parties are well and good but enjoy the ocean too! It is your best tool for relaxation. Imagine starting a bright and sunny day in the blue waters of Boracay!

8Have Fun

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Have fun and go for it. You will not be coming to LaBoracay to sulk or hide in a corner. Make the most of the best weekend in Boracay!

9Make Memories

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They often say that “what happens in Boracay, stays in Boracay”. While we know for sure that things can go crazy during LaBoracay, make sure the memories you keep will be worth sharing for years to come. Immortalize your fun—the kind you would want to redo over and over.

10Take Care Of The Island

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Our islands can only handle so much. Although LaBoracay is the most fun of Boracay events, it is also the most hazardous to the island. Do what you can to let Boracay thrive in the future years. Helping Boracay live for a longer time can start from small actions like by not littering, avoiding usage of plastic and even by using organic sunblock. We would not want to live and see the day that the Boracay we know is no more. Love it and take care of it.


Ready to party it us this LaBoracay? We’ll be with ya! Make this one count!


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