7 Local Stationery Brands You’ll Love To Hoard Stuff From

Does the smell of stationery fill you with inexplicable joy? Do the smooth surface of new paper, the intricate design of new stuff, and fruity pen scents just bring you to cloud 9? Then guuuuuurl do we have the list for you! For all the stationary aficionados out there that think they’ve seen it all, you’re in for a treat. There are a bunch of local stationery brands that bring together great design from local artists, and quality materials. These products deserve a spot on your desk and in your bag!

Whether you’re a fan of journals, pens, arts, and crafts knick knacks or anything else of the sort, you’re sure to find heaven with each of these local stationery brands! Get ready to break open those piggy banks because trust us-you won’t be able to get through this list without buying something!


local stationary brands
Image Credit: 23060 via Facebook

If you love beautifully-designed journals, check out twothirtysixty! From their notebook line (PHP 300) down to their phone case selection (PHP 300), you’ll fall head over heels for this online shop. Their notebooks feature Filipino icons reimagined into notebooks you’d love to tote around. Best of all, they come either ruled or unlinedperfect for both writers and artists. Apart from the usual fare, twothirtysixty offers designer mugs, note cards, and is coming out with two sets of a four-volume book you can personalize yourself!

Why you’ll love it

The brand is committed to illustrating the beauty of Philippine colors, textures, and patterns within their collection. This means you’ll be seeing a lot of the tropical aesthetic going on. The brand also offers a lot of bundle deals and promosperfect for the stationary connoisseur!

Website, FacebookInstagram

2Ink Scribbler

local stationary brands
Image Credit: Ink Scribbler via Facebook

This self-professed art agency is in a league of its own when it comes down to designing with almost anything. From ink to chalk, paint, and even pencilthe hands behind Ink Scribbler are sure to give you a run for your money! They’ve worked with high-end brands, hold workshops, and sell a vast selection of stationery products and wedding must-haves! Stepping into their world would pretty much have you channeling Belle when she first saw the Beasts’ impressive library (really, it’s an understatement). Their elegant flat note cards (PHP 250) and mini card collections (PHP 380) sell like hotcakes!

Why you’ll love it

It’s your one-stop shop for all things calligraphy and weddings! Seriously, these guys mean business! Have your wedding invites made here, or you can even hire them to do beautiful calligraphy envelope addressing.

The Ink Scribbler 
Stocked at The Craft Central: Greenbelt 5, 111 Legazpi Street, Makati, 1228 Kalakhang Maynila

3Sunday Paper Co.

local stationary brands
Image Credit: Sunday Paper via Facebook

46 products. 1 design. A world of difference. Stepping into Sunday Paper Co.’s world entails that you drop everything! Drop everything and embrace the simplicity and natural design that this homegrown super brand has to offer. You’ll be surprised at just how easy it is to grow fond of such a classic and unpretentious aesthetic! They have everything from a DIY gift wrapping box kit (PHP 380) to a luxe DIY leathering kit (PHP 3,000). This is one of the local stationery brands to love if you prefer something with a decidedly minimalist style.

Why you’ll love it

It’s simple, clean, and rich with taste. Their items are timeless and will always fit your style, no matter the season.

Sunday Paper Co
List of Stockists
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local stationary brands
Image Credit: MaPapel via Facebook

Think fun, quirky, and vibrant! When it comes to incorporating Pinoy humor, wit, and creativity, MaPapel gets the award for on-point representation. This local stationery brand has a collection that is comprised of the basics. They also offer customization for their products. Pick up a few of their fun pads to keep at your desk so that you can send cute notes to your work friends. Your personalized notepads (PHP 100) and tags (PHP 80) won’t go unnoticed.

Facebook, Instagram

Why you’ll love it

Their products are bursting at the seams with personality, color, and wit! MaPapel products are great to give as gifts, but even you will love their many fun designs.

5Alunsina Handbound Books

local stationary brands
Image Credit: Alunsina Handbound Books via Facebook

If sexy, elegant leather-bound books tickle your fancy, Alunsina might just be the one for you. These handcrafted journals (starts at PHP 500) will have an effortless time finding their way into the hearts of stationery geeks and converting new ones! Each one is handmade to your liking. Choose from various colors and finishes of leather, as well as buckles and pen loops. You can even add a nameplate! Transport yourself into the world of Game of Thrones or Arthur each and every time you pick up one of their timeless pieces.

Why you’ll love it

The gorgeous leather bound books are as sturdy as they are elegant. Have one made in the style of your choosing. You’ll be motivated to keep it as a sketch journal, a diary, or just simply for everyday use.

Alunsina Handbound Books

6The Lunch Break Project

local stationary brands
Image Credit: The Lunch Break Project via Facebook

Fruit -themed planners, funky patterns, and bold colors await you in The Lunch Break Project’s collection of fun-meets-preppy stationery. If you’ve ever fancied a notebook set with corgis on it, then this is one of the only local stationery brands that have it. From gift wrapping paper (PHP 180) to their journals and custom made party invites, what more could you possibly want? Warning: You could get addicted hoarding their weekly planners, quirky cards and pretty notepads!

Why you’ll love it

Bright colors, fun prints — only the good stuff for all your paper crafting needs! This is the place to go if you have a sunny aesthetic but want to stand out from the crowd.

The Lunch Break Project

7PostScript Designs

local stationary brands
Image Credit: Postscript Designs via Facebook

If you are all about elegance, then upgrade your stationery game when you indulge in the stuff from PostScript Designs. While their notepads (starts at PHP 150) will definitely be a pretty addition to your desk, check out their Letter Memory Boxes (PHP 690) too! This is an all-in-one set that includes envelopes, paper, and seals. You can write a letter each year and save it in the box to give to someone special—whether it’s your true love, your child, or your future self!

Why you’ll love it

Channel your inner Manhattan’s Elite every single time you pull one of these babies from your bag. PostScript products are so elegant and timeless, that anyone who receives your gifts will love the thoughtfulness of the note cards along with it.

PostScript Designs
Website, Facebook, Instagram

Stationery will always have a permanent place in our hearts. What makes hoarding even more awesome is that with every purchase from these local stationery brands, you are supporting local artists and small business owners. Isn’t that neat? Are there other local stationery brands you love? Share them with us in the comments below!

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