6 Bike Trails In Manila For An Off-Road Adventure On Two Wheels

Whether as a form of transportation or as a sport, biking in Manila is still highly underrated. Still, those who have discovered the wonders of biking will be pleased to know that there are many areas in the city where they can pedal away. Even those who prefer trail riding will be glad to know that they don’t need to go very far for an exciting ride. With several great bike trails in Manila, a rough-and-tumble adventure on two wheels is never out of reach!

Check out these awesome off-road bike trails in Manila:

1La Mesa Nature Park

Image Credit: @en_el_el via Instagram

Both beginners and more experienced riders will love the trails here. It has dirt roads and trails that range from easy breezy to downright scary. The park also has trail guides to help you find your way if you get lost, and a bike wash service to clean your bike up after all the hard work you put it through. The best part is, you’ll be biking through a landscape that alternates between thick forest and lake views. All of this makes La Mesa Nature Park one of the best bike trails in Manila.

2UP Diliman

Image Credit: @leljirseyer Instagram

The University of the Philippines (UP) campus in Diliman is no stranger to people who are up for some physical exertion. While jogging paths are the first thing that come to mind, the campus also has one of the best bike trails in Manila for newbies. Located near the College of Human Kinetics, the trail has enough rough slopes to challenge riders, but isn’t too technical. It’s a great place to learn the biking basics—which makes sense, because it is in UP.

3Camp Aguinaldo Bike Trail

Image Credit: @rald_dc Instagram

This trail in a military camp in Quezon City is short (only 2.54 km), but it has a lot to offer. There are hills, jumps, and a few hairpin turns to excite any avid biker. The decommissioned military vehicles on display make the trail even more exciting, if only for the ghostly feel they bring to the experience. This makes it one of the coolest bike trails in Manila for sure.

4Heroes Bike Trail

Image Credit: @elmertax Instagram

Here’s another great trail that beginners can learn the basics on. Located inside the Heroes’ Cemetery in Taguig, it’s convenient for anyone coming from BGC or nearby Makati. The trail is smoother than others, but it still has a good number of climbs, turns, and jumps to keep things challenging. Perfect for noobs, or advanced riders who just want to ride for fun.

5Fort Bonifacio Bike Trail (Army Trail)

Image Credit: @nadzters05 Instagram

Also in Taguig, this trail has both beginner and advanced routes, so bikers at all levels can enjoy it. The trail goes around a small lake, so it promises a scenic ride that is filled with exciting slopes and dips.

6Filinvest Bike Trail

Image Credit: @l.o.p.a.u Instagram

It’s funny how you can find such a rugged bike trail right next to the tall, pristine buildings of the Alabang commercial district. That’s one of the things that makes the Filinvest bike trail particularly unique. You can expect to pass several paved areas that are open to motorists. That aside, there are more than enough technical trails to put your bike skills to the test.

Evidently, there are so many great bike trails in Manila, from north to south. Whether you’re new to off-road biking or a long-time biker, these bike trails in Manila will test and train you in the funnest way possible. Just don’t forget your helmet!

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