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5 Things That Happened In Aubrey Miles’ Workout For A Cause

Working out is good for you. It helps you stay fit, improve your mood, and reduce risks of disease. The benefits are endless. On July 10, fitness enthusiasts took their routine to the next level by participating in the Fitness is Limitless: Workout for a Cause. It is a workout session organized by ISSA-certified fitness trainer and celebrity fitspiration Aubrey Miles.

Image Credit: @milesaubrey via Instagram

What’s it like working out with Aubrey Miles? Here are five things that happened in this event.

1A fun and challenging workout class

Aubrey’s first workout session with friends, workmates, and selected Instagram followers was held last May. Look at their smiles and see how happy they were.

On its second leg, more people enjoyed the experience of making new friends, sharing their road to fitness stories, and inspiring one another.

2Sweat buckets while helping out

Image Credit: Cancer Warriors Foundation

More than sharing her passion for fitness, Aubrey Miles gives back to the community by making her second workout session special. Proceeds from the registration fee of PHP 300 will be donated to the Cancer Warriors Foundation. Cancer Warriors Foundation is a Philippine-based patient support organization for families of children with childhood cancer.

Fitness is Limitless aimed to join the fight for childhood cancer patients, survivors, and their families.

3Loads of healthy snacks, protein bars, and energy drinks

Image Credit: @milesaubrey via Instagram

Find your fitness motivation and be inspired because every day is a chance to get better. And who would not be driven to reach their health, fitness, and life goals if you are pampered with these?

4Learned workout tips

Image Credit: @sugar_milkz_glam via Instagram

During the event, participants learned workout tips not only from Aubrey but also from one another who were once beginners, too. This helped them feel at ease and give helpful pieces of advice on how to have a good start.

5Q&A about health and fitness with Aubrey herself

Image Credit: @milesaubrey via Instagram

Attendees were given the opportunity to talk with Aubrey and ask her about how to lose body fat, stop emotional eating, lose baby weight after giving birth, and more. And of course, a photo with her is a must.

Image Credit: @milesaubrey via Instagram

Aubrey Miles plans to hold this event every month, so stay tuned on her Instagram for details on how you can join! If you’re looking for motivation to finally start your healthy lifestyle, Fitness is Limitless has got to be it!

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