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Zambales is short of a four-hour drive from Manila. When the city life gets too much, Zambales is an ideal escape from everything. It’s easy going there and back, whether by car or commute. The tooshie-friendly ride is not too far away, and you’ll be able to get adequate rest. It’s perfect for nature lovers who enjoy the mountainous scenery while getting some sun at the beach. You even have great options for staying overnight, and one of these is Circle Hostel Zambales.

Accommodation is not a problem if you’re visiting Barangay Liw-Liwa. In fact, there are plenty of choices within the area. It really depends on your personality and the type of lodging you’re attracted to. If you want a budget-friendly place and a chance to meet new friends, drop by Circle Hostel Zambales.

How to get to San Felipe

Head to a Victory Liner Bus Terminal in Cubao or Pasay. Take the bus to Iba. An air-conditioned bus fare will cost approximately PHP 300. Ask the conductor to drop you off at San Felipe. From there, take a tricycle to Barangay Liw-Liwa. It will cost PHP 30 per person.

Your choice, your lifestyle

circle hostel zambales
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The personality of Zambales is chill, easy going, and laid-back—think hammocks, bunk beds, ukelele, and bean bags! It doesn’t get as humid as other beaches thanks to the cooling effect of the surrounding pine trees. Adventure warriors and free-spirited butterflies roam around the place, catching up on some surfing or simply drowning in beer. Whatever your sense of adventure is, Zambales has plenty to offer.

circle hostel zambales
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circle hostel zambales
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Hostels are not as common in the Philippines as they are elsewhere. It’s probably because we tend to stick to our comfort zone and enjoy the luxuries that life offers us. Stepping into a hostel like this opens an entire world of opportunities. The communal approach has a positive effect on people that encourages socializing despite perceived barriers.

First impressions don’t last

circle hostel zambales
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From the outside, Circle Hostel Zambales would look ordinary if not for the colorful bamboo fences. Step inside, and you’ll find an entirely new world. It’s the kind of getaway you’d want to run to in your backyard. The cool breeze tempts you to jump into the hammocks to take a short snooze.

circle hostel zambales
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Amazing graffiti artwork will greet you. The entire place is full of beautiful drawings and phrases left by past guests. Spend a good hour just exploring the place, taking pictures, and reading random phrases on tables, floors, and even walls. You can even play with the lazy cats hanging around the area because they’re no stranger to Circle Hostel, too!

circle hostel zambales
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Find your way upstairs. At the gazebo, you’d just want to sit on one of the colorful bean bags and do absolutely nothing. It’s a great time-waster but a perfect way to reenergize!

Low connectivity

circle hostel zambales

The weak signal at Zambales encourages people to disconnect from their gadgets. Who needs them when you’ve got plenty of things to do, right? Once you’ve reached this place, the only reason you’ll pick up your phone or camera is to preserve memories. Believe it or not, yes, there is a world outside of your digital cave!

circle hostel zambales
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Who knew spending so much time on gadgets gave less time to do other activities? Just like you, Zambales is vibrant, energetic, and youthful. All of these exciting qualities are really contagious. You’ll be surprised where all your energy is coming from. From trekking to island hopping, you’ll find the weekend is simply not enough to do them all. Bring your sense of adventure and challenge yourself!

Shower rooms and toilets

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When you think of common restrooms in general, you’d think they are quite repulsive. Surprisingly, Circle Hostel Zambales has one of the cleanest restrooms! It was renovated just recently. During daytime, the natural sunlight was the only thing peering at you when you did your business. These communal bathrooms come with three shower rooms and three toilets. Luckily, a staff member regularly checks the area to see if there is tissue paper in each place. Hooray for tissue rolls!

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The shower areas for females can do a bit more work. You’d be surprised the amount of garbage that people leave behind even if there are bins right there. It would be great if guests can be reminded to throw their own garbage away.

PHILIHAPPY PRO TIP: Get one of those bag organizers for all your toiletries with a hook for a hassle-free experience.

Safety concerns

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As female travelers staying at Circle Hostel Zambales, we didn’t experience anything negative when it came to our own safety. Everyone was really friendly and accommodating. For females who feel safer in their own company, they can bunk at the all-girls dormitory. It has limited beds, though, so better make a reservation ahead of time. Safe to say, solo female travelers are very much welcome to stay here.

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Your bags can be left on your bed or under the bed. Downstairs, in the common area, there are lockers where you can stash your valuables. Bring your own padlock or rent one for a minimal fee. If you’re charging your phone at the common area, keep a close eye just to be safe.

PHILIHAPPY PRO TIP: Always bring your cash and personal valuables with you. After all, it’s better to be safe than sorry!

Eco-friendly and sustainability

circle hostel zambales

We like how people are more conscious of segregating their plastic bottles and beer bottles here. Actually, the plastic bottles are mini treasures! They are used to collect itty bitty bits of trash for building dividers and future projects. There are reminders regarding this in different areas of the hostel.

Currently, the hostel is rehabilitating forests at nearby mountains. Sign up for their trekking and tree planting! This one-of-a-kind tour is part of their efforts in helping the Yangil tribe. You get to interact with the locals, see how they live, and help them restore the nearby forests.

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circle hostel zambales
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Circle Hostel Zambales proves to be different from the rest. Modest and unpretentious, they let their selfless actions speak for themselves. Aside from being a place for guests to mingle with others from all walks of life, they have extended their motto, #ThereAreNoStrangers, to the local community surrounding them. Now, that’s one fulfilling adventure you can’t turn down!

The Circle Hostel
Zambales: San Felipe, Barangay Liw-Liwa, Zambales
La Union: Barangay Urbiztondo, Circle Road, San Juan, La Union
Baler: Buton Street, Barangay Sabang, Aurora
Book through their website!

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