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9 Pet-Friendly Accommodations In Cebu For Your Next Vacation

Pets! We love them to death, and we would bring them anywhere we go. In Cebu, there are only a few accommodations that your pet can stay at. Worry not, pet lovers. Here are a few pet-friendly accommodations in Cebu that will greatly spoil you and your pet!

1Kandaya Resort

kandaya resort
Image Credit: Kandaya Resort via Facebook

Imagine you have an entire seascape to yourself. No sight of buildings anywhere. Just the calm waves and powdery sand to greet you. Kandaya Resort is perfect for those who enjoy a sense of privacy. Not a fan of the sea? Their pool is as lovely with a stunning view of the nearby beach. The best part of this vacation is that you get to share everything with your favorite canine/feline. If you suddenly run out of cash, there’s an ATM readily available at the resort!

Kandaya Resort
Agujo, Daanbantayan, Cebu
+63 32 260 2513
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2Plantation Bay Resort & Spa

plantation bay resort and spa cebu
Image Credit: Plantation Bay Resort & Spa via Facebook

Pamper yourself and your pooch to this five-star getaway without leaving Mactan Island. Right away, you’ll feel as if you own this paradise given the charming colonial architecture. The resort is entirely made up of picturesque saltwater lagoons and Instagram-worthy swimming pools that deserve to be shown off.

Your pet will enjoy exploring every inch of this resort (11 hectares to be exact)! Make sure he’s on a leash so that he doesn’t wander off too far. Try out different activities every day like archery, bird watching, and mini golf. Cap off a tiring day with a relaxing massage. You might even want to extend your stay at a place like this!

Plantation Bay Resort & Spa
Marigondon, Mactan Island, Cebu
+63 32 505 9800, +63 2 844 5024 to 25
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3Tepanee Beach Resort

tepanee beach resort cebu
Image Credit: @tepaneebeachresort via Instagram

Situated on Malapascua Island, Tepanee Beach Resort spoils you by stimulating your inner island persona. With their signature native umbrellas to bring relief from the sun, take a nap on their cushioned lounger. Simply clear your thoughts at the sight of the sea. We have a feeling you and your pet would want to be trapped in this paradise forever.

Tepanee Beach Resort
Malapascua Island, Logon, Daanbantayan, Cebu
+63917 302 2495
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4Pedz Cing Mango Lodge

pedz cing mango lodge oslob cebu
Image Credit: Pedz Cing Mango Lodge via Facebook

When you enter Pedz Cing Mango Lodge, you will immediately be drawn to a large mango tree right in the front. For those who enjoy a touch of home, this is one of the pet-friendly accommodations in Cebu that will become a fast favorite. You’ll love its clean and hotel-like rooms that come at reasonable prices. Make sure you stay around to meet and greet its friendly owners. Lounging around the garden area is one way to enjoy a lazy afternoon.

As long as you look after your furry buddy, she is more than welcome to stay with you. It’s a stone’s throw away from the beach, where exciting water activities are waiting for you. Now’s the perfect time to book at one of the highest reviewed pet-friendly accommodations in Cebu. It’s like having a real home away from your own home!

Pedz Cing Mango Lodge
Bacalso Avenue Street, Oslob, Cebu
+63947 050 1504
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5Archery-Asia Nipa Huts & Camping Moalboal

archery asia nipa huts camping moalboal cebu
Image Credit: Archery-Asia Nipa Huts Moalboal via Facebook

Put a native spin to the adventure you’re planning. Instead of the usual fancy hotel accommodation, make your next stop at Archery-Asia Nipa Huts & Camping Moalboal. There is something rather fascinating about traditional huts yet alone, become your next accommodation. It’s not every day that you find someone who says that they’ve stayed in traditional huts in Cebu. Discover a row of brown nipa huts contrasting with the green lawn and surrounding jungle of soaring coconut trees. There’s also the option of renting or pitching your own tent at this magnificent place.

It’s your best bet on the island because it’s nearby stunning beaches and close to all of your favorite activities in Moalboal. Yes, that means canyoneering in Kawasan Falls, diving, and so much more! The best thing about this trip is that your favorite travel companion is there to enjoy right beside you! 

Archery-Asia Nipa Huts & Camping Moalboal
Archery-Asia, Barangay Tuble, Moalboal, Cebu
+63927 217 2298
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Facebook, Website

6Sampaguita Resort

sampaguita dive resort moalboal cebu
Image Credit: Sampaguita Dive Resort via Facebook

Imagine swimming the same waters with a school of fish or a turtle? Experience all of that and more by going scuba diving at Sampaguita Resort. If the open waters scare you, you can find beautiful starfish lazing around in nearby waters. If you’re planning to bring your special buddy, notify the resort ahead of time regarding your pet’s breed and size. This is because they have regulations about certain breeds. It would be best to let them know what kind of breed you’re planning to bring.

Sampaguita Resort
Tongo Point, Moalboal, Cebu
+63917 772 2270
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7Quo Vadis Dive Resort

quo vadis dive resort cebu
Image Credit: @quovadisdiveresort via Instagram

If diving is more of your recreation, look no further. Quo Vadis Dive Resorts suits you up and takes you on one of the most beautiful dives ever. They’re open to newbies, too! Before you check in, the resort will review your pet’s breed and size before confirming your reservation. Just make sure she’s supervised at all times so that she won’t scare away other guests.

Quo Vadis Dive Resort
Panagsama Beach, Moalboal, Cebu
+63 32 474 3068
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Facebook, Instagram, Website

8The Coral Blue Oriental Villas & Suites

coral blue bantayan
Image Credit: @edescootauco via Instagram

If you appreciate traditional Filipino architecture, you are sure to fall in love with this captivating spot. To add to its charm, the eco-friendly materials used to build furniture and huts in this place are sourced from straw and bamboo. Take a leisurely stroll, and soak in the natural beauty of Bantayan Island. This beach is one-in-a-million that you just can’t afford to miss out on.

Just imagine that this entire oasis can be your temporary escape from such a chaotic lifestyle. Even your best friend will be up for this trip because he’ll enjoy rolling around the sand. Its majestic waterfront view is exactly what you’re searching for at one of the best pet-friendly accommodations in Cebu.

The Coral Blue Oriental Villas & Suites
Bantayan Island, Cebu
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9L and M Hearthstones Lodge

l and m hearthstones lodge oslob cebu
Image Credit: @lnnygrc via Instagram

If Oslob is the place where you want to be, don’t skip an opportunity to stay at this lodging kissing the beachfront. Their friendly and accommodating staff will offer tours if you’re a newbie. Step into their gazebo that rests just above the water. Here, you have a spectacular view of the open sea. Jump off its steps, and you can already start walking on the beach. You won’t have to worry about kids and pets because the waters are very shallow.

It has a spacious garden where your fellow canine or feline will enjoy exploring. After all, you don’t find natural greenery in the urban jungle anymore. The garden comes alive at night with its beautiful hanging lanterns. Come to think of it, it’s the perfect venue to have an intimate beach wedding or reception with family and close friends. Yes, this is one of the most serene and pet-friendly accommodations in Cebu that mark the spot!

L and M Hearthstones Lodge
Oslob, Cebu
+63 32 582 0373, +63908 895 5340
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Thank goodness for these pet-friendly accommodations in Cebu! These places have made our lives easier by allowing our furry companions to join us for a much-needed relaxation. By bringing our pets with us during our vacation, we will surely enjoy seeing them happy. After all, the company of our fluffy best friends is the best part of the trip, right?

Did we miss out on any of your favorite pet-friendly spots? Share your go-to accommodations anywhere in the Philippines by commenting below or by tagging @Philihappy on Instagram! If you want a place near Manila, then check out this roundup of pet-friendly resorts and hotels.

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