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L–R: Nadia Damaso of Eat Better Not Less, Mirabai Sebastian of The Healthy Pinay, and Gloria Zasso of Shanyara Leonie

8 Local And International Vegan Bloggers Who Will Help You Eat Well

Being vegan is hard, they say. Being vegan is boring, they say. Nope, we dare not think so. The wonderful world of the internet will completely make your vegan life easy. There are about a million sources to guide you through becoming a vegan. There is actually an extensive list of vegan bloggers who have tried and tested the vegan lifestyle. They are so invested in this that they share their stories and tips on the internet!

We at Philihappy are here to make your life a little easier! If you want to try out the vegan way of life, it will have a positive impact on your overall health. Here are some vegan bloggers you can follow to make that healthy life as colorful as your garden salad!

8RG Enriquez of Astig Vegan – USA

Image Credit: Astig Vegan

Blog | Instagram | Facebook | YouTube

RG Enriquez is born and raised in the Philippines with much experience in cooking. She started from helping her mother out in the kitchen, to actually studying the nutrition we find in food. She is one of the few vegan bloggers that has been featured in different shows and culinary festivals.

What we love about Astig Vegan

Vegetable Lumpiang Shanghai. Image Credit: Astig Vegan

With an intense love for Filipino food and her commitment to being vegan, RG’s recipes are Filipino to the core. Her blog features vegan updates of quintessential Filipino food. Her website also has lifestyle tips and blog entries we can follow to inspire our vegan lives. Plus, she has a YouTube channel showcasing cooking how-tos for an easier way to learn how to prepare her recipes.

7Emily Von Euw of This Rawsome Vegan Life – Canada

Image Credit: This Rawsome Vegan Life

Blog | Instagram | Facebook | YouTube

Emily Voneuw or Em has also dedicated her life to living it clean and sharing her knowledge gained through her journey through her blog. She’s based in Canada and already has a cookbook! Her love for a clean life and the great outdoors is so inspiring, and she shares all of this on her blog.

What we love about This Rawsome Vegan Life

Salted Caramel Cheesecake. Image Credit: @thisrawsomeveganlife via Instagram

Em’s way of being vegan is eating as much raw and lightly cooked food as possible. Imagine all-natural everything! Everything is a lot less toxic and a lot less processed. Other than that, the desserts in her blog are INSANE. Imagine a blog full of doable, non-toxic, vegan recipes so well done that you would want to rush to your kitchen and do your own version of her recipes.

6Prosper and Lisa of Journey To A Real Life - Switzerland

Image Credit: Journey to Real Life via Facebook

Blog | Instagram | YouTube | Facebook

Prosper and Lisa is a couple from Switzerland who have dedicated their life living towards the holistic growth of mind, body, and soul. Much of the lessons in their journey are documented, blogged, and shared on their website Journey To A Real Life. There seems to be so much joy and pureness in the life they are living, and it definitely emanates from the stories they share.

What we love about Journey To A Real Life

Zucchini Cauliflower Carbonara. Image Credit: Journey to Real Life

Journey To A Real Life has this spirit of living freely and happily, something which we can apply in our lives. Prosper and Lisa build this happiness on foundations made from simple daily habits like living and eating healthily. On their website are easy-to-follow recipes that fit right into different kinds of lifestyles and depending on how much time you have! They make the vegan life seem like a breeze which encourages us even more to follow their way of living. Other than recipes, they also share stories, tips, and even a book of their own to inspire us even more!

5Gloria Zasso of Shanyara Leonie - Germany

Image Credit: Shanyara Leonie

Blog | YouTube | Instagram

Gloria shares her plant-based lifestyle and her journey from being vegetarian to going vegan. This mom-to-be is an advocate of the vegan life, and her blog is dedicated to making sure that she exhibits how fun and colorful the vegan life can be!

What we love about Shanyara Leonie

Pizza Margherita with Almond Feta. Image Credit: Shanyara Leonie

We love how Gloria puts emphasis on “happiness” on her website as if to inspire not only living healthily but living happily. Every recipe she shares is not only made with organic ingredients but also with an incredible kind of love. Gloria also shares reviews and travel stories that spice up her blog! Not to mention that everything in her blog looks whimsical! We expected no less from an artist who thrives in photography.

4Nadia Damaso of Eat Better Not Less - Switzerland

Image Credit: @nadiadamaso_ebnl via Instagram

Blog | Instagram | Facebook

Although not a full-on vegan blog, Eat Better Not Less, as the blog name suggests, promises you a tummy-filled healthy lifestyle with vegan alternatives for its recipes. We often hear that building a smashingly healthy, good-looking body doesn’t entail crash diets and this blog is an advocate of that. Not to mention that the photos in the blog stage the food really well! Speaking of stage, this talented food blogger and cook is an actress. Isn’t she a package deal?

What we love about Eat Better Not Less

Cashew Choc Mousse. Image Credit: @nadiadamaso_ebnl via Instagram

Nadia eliminates the bad stuff from your food–bad fat, unnecessary calories, and sugar! But without these, people may think that food can be boring. But Nadia’s cooking promises nothing but fun, color, and a great body to boot! A healthy life has never been more beautiful!

3Florian of Contentedness Cooking - Netherlands

Image Credit: Contentedness Cooking

Blog | Facebook | Instagram

Here’s to the men of this world who take pride in their ability to cook. Florian is definitely one of them! This photographer/recipe developer/writer is the man behind Contentedness Cooking, and we love him and his food.

What we love about Contentedness Cooking

Lentil Burger. Image Credit: @contentednesscooking via Instagram

We always find excuses not to eat healthily or going vegan. We say that it can be too expensive. Others say that we do not have time to prep our own meals. Florian leaves you with no more of these excuses with his recipes. His recipes include only six ingredients or less, making that vegan life easy and delicious!

2Noémie of Paris by Vegan - France

Image Credit: @parisbyvegan via Instagram

Blog | Facebook | Instagram

When we talk about Paris, we always think of beautiful things. Paris by Vegan is not an exception. Paris by Vegan is a vegan blog made by Noémie who explores her exotic taste in food to render new takes on different dishes!

What we love about Paris by Vegan

Peanut Butter Choc Chip Cookies. Image Credit: @parisbyvegan via Instagram

Noémie is one of those vegan bloggers who love Asian food. This is great because she uses this love for Asian food in her recipes. She whips up incredible fusion vegan dishes that we can all enjoy! Noémie does cooking like an art, just as a Parisian would. In her blog, you can also find her tales of Paris. Everything is truly inspiring and beautiful about this blog!

1Mirabai Sebastian of The Healthy Pinay - Philippines

Image Credit: @healthypinay via Instagram

Blog | Instagram | YouTube | Facebook

Living a healthy life is not just a one-way road. It has a lot of twists and turns that lead to fullness of growth in mind, body, and soul. This is what Mirabai of The Healthy Pinay embodies. Her efforts in living healthy have now become an advocacy which she shares on her blog.

What we love about the Healthy Pinay

Lazy Vegan Salad. Image Credit: @healthypinay via Instagram

Mirabai shares a lot of her vegan recipes which are easy to follow and even perfect for the lazy! But other than these, Mirabai also shares tips about staying active in living a healthy lifestyle. She is also into fitness which works hand-in-hand in going healthy! She uses her blog to promote her advocacy in sustainability, one that which is admirable!

The internet is your friend. There are thousands upon thousands of information you can get from the internet about veganism. So if you really want to overhaul your life to being vegan, go ahead, you have no more excuses. That change in your life is just right at your fingertips!

Did we miss out any of your favorite vegan bloggers from this list? Shoot us a comment!

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