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5 Solo Travel Destinations to Heal Your Broken Heart

Where else do broken hearts go aside from Baguio and Sagada? Sakaling Hindi Makarating (SHM), the Second Best Picture in the CineFilipino 2016 Film Festival, brings you five solo travel destinations to fill the void.

SHM is about Cielo (played by Alessandra de Rossi) who was devastated when her boyfriend of 11 years canceled their wedding two months before it. Then, a series of hand-illustrated postcards were delivered to her. Thinking that her ex-boyfriend may have sent the postcards, she took a journey across the Philippines in search of the anonymous writer.

Check out Cielo’s travel and discover what to do and where to go in these places.

1First Stop: Zamboanga

solo travel destinations
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The first location is Zamboanga, where Cielo saw the colorful vintas racing during the Regatta de Zamboanga. It was here that she let go of her smartphone in exchange for an ordinary phone.

What to do and where to go

Attend the La Hermosa Festival.

solo travel destinations la hermosa festival
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Have a gastronomic adventure of Tausug cuisines at Babu Hana’s Restaurant.

piyanggang manok
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Experience the wonder of Merloquet Falls.

solo travel destinations merloquet falls
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Be amazed with the pink sand beach of Sta. Cruz Island.

solo travel destinations pink sand beach
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Have a city tour.

solo travel destinations zamboanga city
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2Second Stop: Siquijor

solo travel destinations
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Siquijor is where Cielo learned how to ride a motorcycle to tour the mystic island. She was alone, but this led her to engage more with the people who live here.

What to do and where to go

Try the Tarzan swing at Cambugahay Falls.

solo travel destinations cambugahay falls
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Get thrilled with cliff diving at Salagdoong Beach.

solo travel destinations salagdoong beach
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Have a sweet treat at Lilibeth’s Pan Bisaya.

solo travel destinations lilibeth
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Feel the mystery of the old enchanted Balete tree.

solo travel destinations siquijor balete
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Explore the Cantabon Cave.

solo travel destinations cantabon
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3Third Stop: Marinduque

solo travel destinations
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While Cielo was still in the process of moving on, she met Manuel (played by JC Santos). They shared an intimate relationship, which unfortunately, did not last long.

What to do and where to go

Philihappy writer Mark Jim G. Balido also gave five reasons why you should visit Marinduque now. Read his article here.

4Fourth Stop: Ilocos Norte

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Cielo was on her fourth stop but still at loss. While resting on a pristine beach, she contemplated and had deep thoughts.

What to do and where to go

Find solitude in the Kapurpurawan rock formation.

solo travel destinations kapurpurawan
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Seek an adventure in Adam’s Anuplig Falls.

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Have a thrilling ride in Paoay’s sand dunes.

solo travel destinations paoay sand dunes
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Visit Madongan Dam, the province’s new favorite getaway.

madongan dam
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Complete your Ilocos trip by seeing the Bangui windmills.

bangui windmills
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Fifth Stop: Batanes

solo travel destinations
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Cielo has finally found closure. It’s been a long and hard journey, but it was all worth it. And the person behind all the postcards was revealed.

What to do and where to go

Stay in an old Ivatan house.

solo travel destinations ivatan house
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Witness the Tayid lighthouse.

solo travel destinations tayid lighthouse
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Find an honesty store.

solo travel destinations honesty store
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Visit the famous Valugan beach.

solo travel destinations valugan beach
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Head to the rolling hills.

solo travel destinations batanes
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Whether you are brokenhearted, feeling empty, or bitten by the travel bug, don’t be afraid to travel alone. Go to places you’ve never been. Run away if you have to. Traveling solo doesn’t mean being alone. You will meet a lot of people along the way who will help you realize how beautiful life is. And in the end, it will heal all the wounds your heart has suffered.


Sakaling Hindi Makarating is directed by Ice Idanan. Know more about the film on Facebook and Instagram.

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