best brunch spots in Tagaytay

9 Of The Best Brunch Spots In Tagaytay For A Laid Back Weekend

Whether it’s a road trip out with friends, downtime with the fam bam, or a long overdue night-out with your boo, it’s safe to assume that Tagaytay has well cemented itself in the hearts of many as a favorite destination for some R&R when the hustle and bustle of city life become unnerving. With the dreamy weather, picturesque views, and some of the best brunch spots in Tagaytay, it’s no wonder this dreamland has got us under its spell.

If you were ever in a rut for where to have an awesome laid back brunch south of the border, this list should fix that problem for you in a jiffy (and cause major cravings!). Without further ado, here are Phili’s top nine picks for where to have a laid back weekend brunch in Tagaytay!

1Java Jazz

best brunch spots in Tagaytay
Image Credit: Java Jazz Coffee Shop via Facebook

First up on the list is Java Jazz, a very rustic, dare I say earthy little coffee shop tucked away inside the heart of Tagaytay City. Known for its exquisite coffee selection and Filipino-American breakfast choices, Java Jazz makes for a great brunch spot. You’ll find that this quaint little cafe, reminiscent of a personal art gallery, boasts equally exquisite pieces of art. It also leans towards a more modest and humble approach to decor and aesthetics. Think wooden interior and warm, earthy colors.

Java Jazz
Located at 442 Tagaytay-Calamba Road, Sungay West, Tagaytay City
+63 9174837399

2The Wild Juan

best brunch spots in Tagaytay
Image Credit: The Wild Juan via Facebook

All-day breakfast, a fully-stocked bar, outdoor seating, and Wi-Fi?! Sign me the heck up! The Wild Juan might just be the undisputed king of casual dining with its laid-back feel of the city and its delectable offering of East-meets-West cuisine and extensive bar selection. Need we say more? The Wild Juan also happens to be a bed and breakfast on top of being one of the best brunch spots in Tagaytay! 

The Wild Juan
Located at KM 68 Pinesville, Tagaytay- Nasugbu(National) Highway, Tagaytay City.
+63 9154324196
Facebook, Instagram


best brunch spots in Tagaytay
Image Credit: Tsokolateria via Facebook

Quite possibly my favorite out of the list, Tsokolateria brings you a culinary experience unlike any other. Take in the view that’s a sight for sore eyes while filling yourself with the hot chocolate concoction they’re famous for. Tsokolateria also happens to be a grand boutique bed and breakfast, in case you were wondering. So when you’re done stuffing yourself with the sinfully delicious grub, you can collapse in a mountain of pillows and sleep the food baby away! 

Located at The Boutique Bed and Breakfast, 45 Aguinaldo Highway Silang Crossing East, Tagaytay City, Tagaytay City.
+046 413179
Facebook, Instagram

4Dreamland Arts & Crafts Cafe

best brunch spots in Tagaytay
Image Credit: Dreamland Arts & Crafts Cafe- Tagaytay via Facebook

There is no shortage of dream-catchers at one of the best brunch spots in Tagaytay that’s unique for its hip coffee and arts joint. Dotted with crafts and trinkets straight out of a dream, you’ll be surprised at how easy it is for you to find yourself comfortable within this cozy little nook’s warm and creative space.

Dreamland Arts & Crafts Cafe
Located at Tagaytay-Calamba Road, Tagaytay City, Tagaytay City.
+63 9978263721
Facebook, Instagram

5Breakfast at Antonio’s

best brunch spots in Tagaytay

Okay, so maybe every entry on this list is my favorite! Breakfast at Antonio’s is the epitome of elegance, taste, and should very well be written right under the word “brunch” in the Merriam Webster dictionary. Its modern, crisp interior and its curated selection of the finest, meatiest dishes make it one of the best brunch spots in Tagaytay. It isn’t a celebrity-favorite hotspot for nothing! Wine, dine and get lost in the charm of Breakfast at Antonio’s.

Breakfast at Antonio’s 
Located at Aguinaldo Highway, Bagong Tubig, Tagaytay City, Tagaytay City.
+02 2469069

6Bag of Beans

best brunch spots in Tagaytay
Image Credit: Bag of Beans Tagaytay via Facebook

If there was ever a word I’d use to best describe Tagaytay and its scenic locations, ethereal would be a pretty good contender. I don’t know about you, but driving down to Tagaytay always gives me a sense of escaping all the clutter and stress and entering a little piece of paradise. Stepping into restaurants as beautiful as Bag of Beans is something everyone can find solace in, and it’s easy to see why.

When you’re not busy taking photo ops around the place, your mouth is full with its rich selection of Filipino and American favorites. I’m sure this will be a must-visit on your list of the best brunch spots in Tagaytay. 

Bag of Beans
Located at Twin Lakes or
115 Aguinaldo Highway, Mendez Crossing West, Tagaytay City
+63 9228818265
Facebook, Instagram

7Nanay Cirilas Kapeng Barako

best brunch spots in Tagaytay
Image Credit: @nanaycirilas via Instagram

Everything about Nanay Cirila’s screams lutong bahay, and we couldn’t be any happier! Could a piping hot cup of freshly brewed kapeng barako and a clay pot filled with bulalo and other fixings be any more worthy of brunch award? Yeah, thought so. Indulge in simple yet delicious food when you dine at Nanay Cirila’s!

Nanay Cirilas Kapeng Barako
Located at Mayor’s Dr. Tagaytay, Cavite
 +0922 291 3869

8Cafe Carmencita

best brunch spots in Tagaytay
Image Credit: @cafe_carmencitatagaytay via Instagram

Italian cuisine aficionados, rejoice! Cafe Carmencita is here to satisfy our cravings for all things Italian. Their specialty? The dessert menu! Packed with freshly baked cakes worthy of their own pedestal each. Cafe Carmencita brings together the usual brick-style interior most modern Italian restaurants are known for while bringing the fresh, outdoor element people come to Tagaytay to enjoy. For about PHP 1,000 for two, this place isn’t only affordable but one of the best brunch spots in Tagaytay. 

Cafe Carmencita
Located at Aguinaldo Highway, Tagaytay City
 +63 9175887913

9Concha’s Garden Cafe

best brunch spots in Tagaytay
Image Credit: Concha’s Garden Cafe via Facebook

A little birdy told me that this cafe actually belongs to Pinoy television heartthrob Alden Richards, but that’s beside the point. (Just thought I’d give ya’ll a heads up since, apart from the awesome-sauce brunch menu and view of the lake, people almost always leave the restaurant with a photo of Alden after  having their meal).

Concha’s Garden Cafe is every Instagrammer’s dream and every Filipino foodie enthusiast’s dream. Come through, eat, drink, and be merry with your favorite dishes growing up served steaming hot and ready to be devoured.

Concha’s Garden Cafe
Located at Richland Hills Subdivision 1, Sta. Rosa Tagaytay Road Brgy. Puting Kahoy 4118 Silang, Cavite
+63 9175887913


I’d love to be a part of any brunch clubs! Shoot me an invite if ever any of you guys are heading to check out some of these best brunch spots in Tagaytay, will ya? Hope you enjoyed this list!

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