Ferra Hotel Boracay: The Friendliest Host To Welcome You In The Island

Just like a little black dress or a pair of Ray-Ban aviators, Boracay never goes out of style. Its beautiful sandy beaches and incredible blue waters make it a solace that many come back to, time and time again.

Boracay’s charm lies in its friendly locals who make your stay feel like home. Ferra Hotel Boracay is the best example—it definitely lives up to its title as Boracay’s friendly host. In fact, they could be the friendliest host you would ever encounter!

Boracay Hotels: Ferra Hotel

Located in the heart of Station 2, Bulabog, Ferra Hotel Boracay is just a short walk away from either White Beach or Bulabog Beach. It offers peace and quiet while still being close to the top attractions of the island. Expect a warm welcome and a refreshing glass of fresh tropical juice the moment you set foot in the hotel.

What else can you expect from Ferra Hotel? Here are the highlights of our stay.

Home away from home

Boracay Hotels: Ferra Hotel

Upon entering our One Bedroom Loft, we were welcomed with a floor-to-ceiling window that illuminates the whole space. The room’s color palette and mix of wood, steel, whites, and touch of blue make the room elegant and inviting.

Boracay Hotels: Ferra Hotel

Every detail in the room was smartly designed. The couch was the perfect spot for movie marathons. The desk right underneath the TV set can magically turn into a dinner table or a bigger work desk.

The bed, pillows, and duvet were so fluffy that you just might think of staying in instead of going to the beach! It also has all the essentials: free Wi-Fi, toiletries, refrigerator, coffee and tea, and even a microwave. How’s that for homey?

Scrumptious eats

The selection was simple with the common breakfast staples like corned beef, eggs, bacon, pancakes, cereals, fresh fruits, and a few more viands. What I loved the most, though was their waffles, which easily became my go-to breakfast while at Ferra Hotel Boracay.

They had a lot of guests at the time of our visit, so the restaurant can get full. Make sure you avail of your free breakfast buffet earlier, enough time before all the other guests are awake.

Chill at The Ruf

Ferra Hotel: The Ruf

There’s also another bar and resto within the hotel called The Ruf, aptly named as it’s located on the roof deck. It’s a good chill spot for drinks after a long day at the beach, perfect while waiting for a view of that famous Boracay sunset.

Ferra Hotel: The Ruf

They also offer great food selections. The Ruf just added new exciting offers in the menu, some of which you will find here.

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Friendliest service in Boracay

Boracay Hotels: Ferra Hotel

Ferra Hotel definitely makes you feel welcome. The hotel crew’s infectious smiles exude a lively homey vibe in the whole place that will instantly put you in a good mood for your holidays!

The staff’s hospitality was just incredible and genuine. With this alone, you already know you are getting more than your money’s worth. While some of the staff may even remember you by name, feel free to chat with them as you are lounging around. They can also arrange for your transfers and tour services, which makes your stay even more relaxing.

The next time you’re in Boracay, make sure you get the full experience. While a glimpse of that beautiful sunset will have you swooning for days, a wonderful, hassle-free stay at Ferra Hotel Boracay will leave you wanting to come back, again and again.


Ferra Hotel Boracay is located at Station 2, Sitio Bulabog, Balabag, Boracay Island, Philippines. For room reservations, click here. For other inquiries, visit their website and their Facebook page. You may also contact them through their mobile at +63917 680 9137.

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