11 Kids Who Will Inspire You to Try Mountain Climbing

These 11 kids have amazingly proven that when it comes to mountain climbing, age doesn’t matter.

1Carlos “Caloy” E. Siao III, 1 year old

Photo courtesy of parent, Alecka Eclarino Siao

Caloy went on his first hike at Mt. Ulap in Itogon, Benguet, when he was just nine months old. Clearly, he couldn’t have done it alone. It was his parents’ decision to bring him to the mountain for some fresh air exposure to the outdoors at an early age.

His parents, Carlos and Alecka, who are both mountaineers, wanted their child to have the same passion for moutain climbing. Alecka told Philihappy through Facebook that it is better to have kids exposed to this kind of activity than growing up in a world of gadgets.

Caloy’s parents did a lot to prepare for his first climb, making sure that he would be comfortable from the time they traveled up to the climb itself. They brought a baby carrier good for trekking and all the essentials Caloy needs. When asked about her advice to other parents who want to hike with their kids, Alecka said that the safety of your child is first priority.

Caloy is about to take his second climb soon this year.

2Asha Perenelle Carredo, 2 years old

Photo courtesy of parent, Pam Baroro

Asha started mountain climbing at just one year and seven months old. Since then, she has gone to eight peaks namely Sirao Peak, Osmeña Peak, Mt. Hambubuyog, Mt. Pinatubo, Mt. Puting Bato, Mt. Babag, Mt. Naupa, and Challet Hills.

When asked about Asha’s reaction every time she climbs, her mom, Pam said, “She loves it and raves about it when we get home and invites my mom and dad to go with her next time. She even has this (almost) nightly mantra: Let’s camp in the mountains! When we are hiking, she’s mostly in her carriage on her dada’s back and sometimes narrates to us what she sees (mountains, trees, cows, flowers, etc) and when she’s really tired, she sings her nursery rhymes and makes us laugh.”

Asha is turning three this February 28 and her parents are planning to do their first major climb at Mt. Pulag to celebrate her birthday.

3Aria Maxhine Jidrei Mozo, 3 years old

Image Credit: Facebook

Aria had her first climb at Mt. Balagbag when she was three years old. Her father, Javin, doesn’t do so much in terms of preparation; what matters most is his Aria’s desire to join him in his travels and mountain climbing adventures. She also loves swimming and

She also loves swimming and camping and has been fortunate enough to have explored the superb beauty of Talisayen Cove, she had to walk the trek herself on the way.

Aria is turning four years old in April.

4Wyatt Maktrav Bedural, 3 years old

Image Credit: WordPress

At the age of three, Wyatt Maktrav has already conquered 32 mountains, 7 of which are major climbs including Mt. Pulag, Mt. Kitanglad, Mt. Dulang-Dulang, Mt. Talomo, Mt. Apo, Mt. Ugo Traverse, and Tarak Ridge. (Click here for his full climb log).

Wyatt was just eight months old when he was personally introduced to the wonders of nature. Sha Bedural, Wyatt’s mom said, “We don’t have a yaya for Wyatt, and since there are only three of us in the house, we decided to go camping with our baby.”

Sha added that Wyatt showed interest in being one with nature and was really happy with the trees, the river, the calming sound of the surroundings, and the people they met on the trail. “The funny part is that he didn’t want us to stop walking. Yes, he didn’t want to rest.”

The type of mountain, food supplies, weather forecast, and contact persons are the factors Sha takes into consideration when climbing with Wyatt. “We choose mountains where Wyatt can walk/climb by himself in most parts. As a result, his legs are full of muscles even he’s still a baby.”

5Yana Lluvia Dychingco, 5 years old

Photo courtesy of parent, Chelo-Marie Dychingco

While most young girls are naturally drawn to dolls, Yana is more excited about mountain climbing with her parents. Every time she is asked if she wants to join a climb, she always answers with a cheerful “Yes!”

Yana was almost two years old when she had her first climb at Mt. Romelo. Since then, she has climbed eight mountains, including Mt. Pico de Loro, Mt. Daguldol, Mt. Batulao, Mt. Hibok-Hibok, Mt. Manalmon, Mt. Gulugod Baboy, Mt. Manabu, and Mt. Pulag.

Chelo, Yana’s mom, always assures her that all her hardships will have a deserving reward, and that’s the summit and the trail foods she requests. Chelo added that outdoor activities help in building a child’s confidence and social skills. Chelo also suggests to do proper planning: monitor the weather forecast, include first aid and medicine kits, invest in reliable hiking gear, and condition your kids’ health and body.

6Shin Clyde Opao, 6 years old

Photo courtesy of parent, Gracita Lopez

Shin recently had his first climb at Mt. Balagbag last December, where his mom, Gracita Lopez, celebrated her birthday.

When asked about Shin’s reaction, Gracita told Philihappy that Shin got tired, but he was happy, and he enjoyed it especially during their side trip.

Gracita also told Philihappy that it’s better to bring kids to beginner-friendly mountains. She emphasized the importance of bringing an emergency kit, milk, food, and water. One has to be twice as careful when hiking with kids.

7Kurt John Balinoyos, 7 years old

Image Credit: Facebook

Pagod na pagod nako, Papa. Pabuhat na ako.” (I’m really tired. Please carry me now). These are the lines Kurt tells his dad during a climb.

Kurt had his first mountain climbing experience at Sumaguing Cave in Mountain Province when he was eight months old. He has also been to Mt. Balagbag, Mt. Batulao, Mt. Pulag, and Mt. Ugo.

His dad, Maximus Jovi, was the one who decided to take Kurt to the mountains. According to him, it is necessary to be fully equipped when hiking with your young children. It is also important that the parents are strong enough to climb and to take care of their children at the same time.

8Nikka Shered Jan M. Chica, 8 years old

Photo courtesy of parent, Sherie Ann Molleda

Nikka experienced her first mountain climb when she was six years old. She has reached the summits of Mt. Manabu, Mt. Pulag, Mt. Pico de Loro, Tarak Ridge, and Mt. Mayon.

It was her father’s decision to take her on climbs for the following reasons: (1) let her see and value nature; (2) improve her social skills.

Sherie Ann, Nikka’s mom, told Philihappy that her daughter is a happy hiker and is very appreciative of nature. She added that Nikka’s safety is her priority; hence, she makes sure that Nikka is safe from the weather and insect bites.”

9 Anjeline “Mia” Viray, 8 years old

Image Credit: Facebook

It was only in April last year when Mia (as called by her parents) started climbing mountains, but she has already been to Mt. Batulao, Mt. Romelo, Mt. Maculot, and Mt. Manalmon (jumpoff).

To ensure that Mia will enjoy the climb, Ronnie conditions her mind a week before the event itself and shows her a photo of the mountain. “Excited siya lagi at bibo lalo na kapag may falls.” (She’s always excited and gets extra giddy when there are falls).

One piece of mountain climbing advice Ronnie gave is to make it a fun climb, like a family bonding while instilling discipline to your child.

10Chad Ison, 9 years old


Photo courtesy of parent, Sherly Ison

What better way to start the year and celebrate your birthday than spending it on top of the mountain? Chad had his first ever mountain/birthday climb in January 2014.

Sherly Ison, Chad’s mom, told Philihappy that she decided to let her son experience mountain climbing because she wants him to be exposed to outdoor activities.

Sherly prepared Chad by having him run for two days before the climb. He had to be well-rested. It’s important that the food they bring along gives him enough energy and also that he stay hydrated the whole way.

Chad enjoyed himself so much that most of the trail, he was leaving the others, including Sherly, behind!

11Keizha Angcao, 13 years old

Photo courtesy of parent, Dhang Angcao

Keizha was eight years old when she started mountain climbing. It was her parents who introduced her to this sport, not just to enjoy nature, but also to boost her immune system.

She has climbed six mountains, including Mt. Romelo, Mt. Buntot Palos, Mt. Gulugod Baboy, Mt. Batulao, Mt. Talamitam, and Mt. Pico de Loro. Before every climb, Keisha walks and jogs with her parents.

Dhang Angcao, Keizha’s mom, told Philihappy that parents hiking with their children should allow them to explore at a young age to see the beauty of nature and perfectly God created it.


If these kids can do mountain climbing despite their age, so can you! So, go ahead, face your fears, forget your hesitations, and get ready for your first ever mountain climb!

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