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Hang Loose At The Best Surf Spots In The Philippines

The end of the year is fast approaching, and Manila has markedly turned cool, and even rainy. However, that won’t stop our adventurous spirits from experiencing that ultimate high while riding that surfboard on the perfect wave. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a first-timer or a pro. There is an incredible experience only the best surf spots in the Philippines can offer you, whatever time of the year!

Baler, Aurora

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It is believed that surfing was picked up by the locals right here after the production crew of Apocalypse Now (sometime in 1979) left their surfboards behind. Thanks to them, Filipinos discovered the beautiful art of surfing! It’s about a 6-hour drive from Manila to Aurora. Baler’s constant waves will greet you all year round particularly from October to April. Experienced surfers can enjoy bigger waves from December to January.

The most popular surf spots to go to are Charlie’s Point (good for all kinds of surfers), Sabang Beach (perfect for beginners), Cemento Reef and Lindy’s Point (both ideal for advanced surfers). You can get a formal training from surf camps like Baler Surf School, Charlie Does Surf School, Nalu Surf Camp, North Shore Surf Camp, and Aliya Surf Camp Resort. Or if you want to freestyle, ask a local to help out with brushing up on your skills by grabbing a rental board nearby.

San Juan, La Union

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Discover a popular surfer’s paradise that is no more than 5 hours from Manila. La Union boasts of excellent surf spots and hosts plenty of surfing competitions where participants from all over the country and other parts of the world can join in. Its surf spots include Carille, Bacnotan, Darigayos, Sunset, and Urbiztondo. Its three areas include Beach Break, The Bowl, and The Point.

Beginner and intermediate surfers can enjoy its waves from May to March. Surfing with consistent waves is best enjoyed from October to April, but are at their highest point from December to January. Peak season is swarming with tourists, so it is highly recommended to book accommodation in advance. Beginners can enroll in popular surf schools such as San Juan Surf Resort or La Union Surf School.

Siargao, Surigao Del Norte

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Dubbed as the “The Surfing Capital of the Philippines,” local and international surfers go to Siargao to compete with the very best waves and competitors. Hop on a 2-hour flight from Manila to Surigao City. From there, board the 3-hour ferry ride to the island and another 45-drive (with your choice of transportation) to Cloud 9 that has been ranked as the 8th best surf spot in the world.

The best time to go to Siargao is within the months of October to April. It is highly recommended for those who have had a lot of surfing experience. If you’re looking for consistent and bigger waves that can reach as high as 7 feet, expect them from November to March.

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Siargao is home to plenty of surf spots such as Bombora or Poo Shooter’s, Caridad Left or Supertubes, Cloud 9, Cemetery, Dako Island, Guyam Island, Jacking Horse, La-Janoza, Mamon, Antokon, Anajuan Islands, Pansukyan Reef, Pacifico, Paradise, Pilar Left Hander’s, Pilar, Burgos, Alegria, Shifty’s, Stimpy’s, Tuason Point, Tuesday Rock and Yohoho Islands. Hire a local’s bangka if you want to reach those less popular offshore surf spots. If you want to visit them all, it will give you an excuse to stay longer on this beautiful island.

Real, Quezon

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One of the closest but underrated best surf spots in the Philippines is none other than Real, Quezon. Traveling from Metro Manila, you’ll reach the destination within 3 hours via car or bus (4-6 hours, depending on where you’re coming from). The waves at Tignoan Beach are perfect for beginners because they are relatively tamer.

The best time to go here is anywhere from August to March. However, you’ll get a higher chance of catching bigger waves from October until February. Check out the weather forecast before heading here otherwise you won’t be enjoying your stay during a rainy weekend. Some of the most popular accommodations you might want to check out are The Pacific Recreation Kamp (The PaRK) and Real Surf PH.

Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte

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One look at Pagudpud can simply take your breath away. A postcard cannot even come close to capturing its beauty. You can opt for an 11-hour drive by car, 16-hour travel by bus or an hour’s flight to Laoag City and a 2-hour travel by land to “The Boracay of the North.”

Since it’s a little bit harder to reach, don’t expect to run into crowds of people here. You can hog these surf spots such as Maira-ira Point, Blue Lagoon, and Saud Beach. It is recommended to visit these places during October to April.

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One of the best surf spots in the Philippines, it is ideal for all kinds of surfers from beginners to professionals and even kitesurfers. Waves are semi-consistent due to the swells, but surfers can still enjoy them all year round. Experienced surfers will enjoy waves at their peak from July to September.

San Antonio, Zambales

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Easily accessible by a 3-hour car or bus drive from the city, Magic Left located in Pundaquit, San Antonio is considered to be one of the favorites in the area. Its sandbar coastline is ideal for newbies to practice riding their first set of waves. Other surf spots include San Narciso and San Felipe (High 5 Lahar or Lahar). You’ll find stronger currents at San Narciso while you’ll experience a variety of waves at San Felipe.

You can find all kinds of surfers here depending on the challenges that await them. The best time to visit these places in Zambales is anytime of the year with the best waves starting from April to September. Beginners will love to take on more challenging waves at one of the best surf spots in the Philippines!

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Why not take advantage of this year’s surfing season and make a quick weekend getaway to one of the best surf spots in the Philippines? It’s never too late to catch those waves as long as we plan our schedules and take the weather forecast into consideration. After all, safety is the utmost priority when it comes to surfing.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s pack our bags and welcome a new adventure! Hang loose, everybody!

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