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Your Essential Marinduque Beach Guide For This Summer

The Philippines. What makes this archipelago unique? Believe it or not, this country boasts of 7,107 islands (we’re not kidding!). Other than the major islands namely Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao, the best islands to venture are the smaller ones. If Philippines could come alive, Marinduque would be its beating heart. The best time to go is during Lenten Season, especially during summer months from March to May. Uncover some of these breathtaking tropical paradises found right in this Marinduque beach guide.

Marinduque is home to arrowroot cookies, the Battle of Pulang Lupa, and of course, the much anticipated Moriones Festival. We have heard plenty of great things of this place, including a zero to very low crime rate. Marinduque welcomes all solo travelers, too! If you’re planning a trip to this special place soon, you might want to bookmark this Marinduque beach guide to make the most out of your trip, especially if you are visiting this Holy Week!

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1Amoingon Beach

marinduque beach guide
Image Credit: @alexfellizar via Instagram

Found within Boac, the island’s capital, low-key Amoingan Beach was resurrected from a mining accident that took place years ago. Thanks to efforts of the local residents, it has again caught the eye of many tourists. Dubbed as the snorkeling capital, you can explore its pristine waters! Here, you can witness playful fish among colorful reefs. As the sun sets and low tide creeps in the pebble beach, the locals collect varieties of edible mollusks. Why not try out their local dishes? They will pleasantly surprise your taste buds!

How to get there: To get to Amoingan Beach, take a bus or jeep coming from Santa Cruz/ Mogpog.

2Aroma Beach

marinduque beach guide
Image Credit: @gianne_audrey via Instagram

Nestled in Gasan, Aroma Beach is absolutely a sight to behold. It’s not very often that it gets visited by a flock of tourists. Problems seem to float away when you’ve got transparent waters reflecting the vast blueness of the open skies. Away from hints of modernization, you can truly feel the essence of nature right at your fingertips. Camp out, build a bonfire, and feel free to stay a night or two. Savor those precious moments with nature because you’ll never know when you’ll return again.

How to get there: At Lucena Port in Quezon, ride a ferry going to Mongpong (shorter route instead of Santa Cruz). Then, take any public transportation headed for Gasan.

3Palad Sandbar and Maniwaya Island

marinduque beach guide
Image Credit: @akosilyle via Instagram

As one of the frequently visited beaches in this Marinduque beach guide, you’ll discover why people keep returning to Maniwaya Island. Here, you can also find the famous Palad Sandbar. This immaculate paradise seems like it was stolen from a postcard. Imagine powdery white sands crawling every inch of your toes with the best panoramic view of calm, lucid waters. This is what Boracay looked like before it was drastically transformed!

Once you hit underwater with snorkeling gear, you’ll notice that the ecosystem is suffering from the negative effects of fishing. One can imagine what this lovely underwater getaway once looked like. Sometimes referred to Maniuaya Island, this irresistible beauty has captured the hearts of explorers everywhere.

How to get there: At Santa Cruz, take a small boat to Maniwaya Island. Consider the weather and all water conditions before stepping into that boat.

4Mongpong Island

marinduque beach guide
Image Credit: @onlyedwin via Instagram

Isolate yourself by taking the road less travelled. Despite being the furthest beach on this list, tourists make an effort to see what Mongpong Island is all about. Diving lovers would love to make a quick visit in the northeast area of the island. Beach enthusiasts seeking for a sense of tranquility can make a beeline for the eastern side. If you’re lucky, you can have the entire beach to yourselves. Also, make sure you check out the scenic Ungab Rock Formation.

How to get there: At Bayubod Port, Santa Cruz, take a small boat to Mongpong Island. Take into consideration of all conditions before going for that boat ride.

5Natangco Islet

marinduque beach guide
Image Credit: @kersslaudit via Instagram

Just off Balanacan Pier, discover the magnificence of a private island like Natangco Islet. The beach is blessed with talc-like sand and covered in washed up corals. Your peripheral vision will discover cool rock formations with growing vegetation on the top. Diving enthusiasts will surely enjoy this part of our Marinduque beach guide because it has a diverse marine life. If you plan on spending the night, make sure you bring the right gear and sufficient food and water.

How to get there: At Balanacan Pier, ride a small boat to Natangco Islet.

6Poctoy White Beach

marinduque beach guide
Image Credit: @danamaac via Instagram

Found in Torrijos, Poctoy White Beach has been making waves in the travel scene. Its towering coconut trees compliments the fine white sand and turquoise waters. Despite it being a public beach, it doesn’t stop curious tourists from finding solace in this place. Upon arrival, you’ll be required to pay PHP 30 that includes the entrance and environmental fees.

How to get there: At Boac, board the jeep headed for Santa Cruz. Once you get there, ride another jeep headed for Torrijos. Your key marker is Damian Reyes Road. Alternatively, at Balanacan Port, take a jeep or a van headed for Torrijos.

7Tres Reyes Marine Sanctuary

marinduque beach guide
Image Credit: @lykamng via Instagram

Just like Aroma Beach, this one’s located in Gasan as well. Named after the three kings sourced from the bible, Tres Reyes consists of Baltazar, Gaspar, and Melchor. Tres Reyes is an excellent place where divers and snorkelers can explore underwater. In fact, historical artifacts such as burial jars were discovered on the biggest island, Gaspar. A white sand beach can be found here whereas Baltazar and Melchor house steep cliffs.

How to get there: From Boac, ride a jeep going to Gasan. Tell the driver to be dropped off at Purok Castillo, Baranggay Pinggan.

8Ulong Beach

marinduque beach guide
Image Credit: @mattias_at via Instagram

If you love staying away from the crowds especially during summer, you’ll fall in love with Ulong Beach. We know how stressful they can be especially if you’re looking for a peaceful place to unwind and zone out. Discover Ulong Beach tucked away in Barangay Capayang, Mogpog. You’ll be welcomed by dense forestation and crystal clear waters. If you have children with you, its shallow calm waters are highly recommended for swimming.

How to get there: At Balanacan Port, take a short jeep ride to Mogpog. Tell the driver to get dropped off at Barangay Capayang.

PHILIHAPPY PRO TIP: For this Marinduque beach guide and as with most beaches in the Philippines, it’s best to travel during the summer. However, if you decide to travel outside of those months, tune in to the weather forecast and plan accordingly. Postpone a trip if the weather gets ugly. Trust us, you’ll save yourself from a lot of disappointment. You’ve heard it many times before, it’s better to be safe than sorry!

This summer is the perfect time to book a flight to Marinduque. It’s a haven sprawling with white sand beaches, colorful marine life, and splendid diving sites. If you’ve got all the time in the world, visit each one to check them all off this list. We think this Marinduque beach guide is enough to entice you.

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