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12 Best Filipino Comfort Food For The Rainy Days

Rainy days are best spent in bed, wrapped in the warmest blanket and comforted with our favorite TV shows. And the way to make it perfect? Devouring your beloved Filipino comfort food, of course.

1Lugaw / Arroz Caldo

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Lugaw—or its more sophisticated version, arroz caldo—is the simplest to create. And to make it even better? You can throw in your preferred ingredients to the specialty. Be it beef tripe (tuwalya in Filipino) or chicken or chicharrón (chicharon in Filipino), this customizable dish is your go-to Filipino comfort food when it’s cold outside.

2Kapeng Barako and Pan De Sal

kapeng barako
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Who needs vanilla latte from the poshest café when a local brew will serve just fine? It doesn’t matter what time of the day it is; when it’s raining, kapeng barako and pan de sal can be your best friend.


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Throw in a lot of chicken and hotdog, and you have in your hands the best soup and Filipino comfort food you can come up with!


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Just the thought of the juicy bone marrow and taste of the hot, hot, hot soup drive hordes of people to Tagaytay just to eat the best bulalo, especially when it’s raining.

5Instant Noodles

instant noodles
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They said you cannot buy happiness, but instant noodles prove them all wrong. For less than PHP 20, you already have your bowl of joy, aka instant noodles mixed with egg. Why is it a Filipino comfort food? Because it’s available in every convenience store where you can cook it right on-the-spot as well!


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This specialty from Batangas can warm up your insides and your heart. The thick soup and round noodles combination is a sure hit on rainy days.


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The tangy soup of sinigang can bring excitement to any meal time. Be it pork, shrimp, or milkfish, this is perfect for dinner as it’s considered not only a dish but also one of the best Filipino comfort food, on a rainy night.

8Corn on the Cob

corn on the cob
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Be it puting mais or Japanese corn, on cold days, you can probably eat five of these in one sitting.

9Nilagang Mani

boiled peanuts
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Just imagine this. You’re at home, in bed, and it’s raining outside. Your mother arrives from work, and she has with her a bag of steaming hot nilagang mani (boiled peanuts). It’s your PHP 20 of Filipino comfort food in a plastic bag.


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Though you have loved the foreign brands of hot chocolate, it’s the local tsokolate ah and tsokolate eh that can truly make a rainy night more perfect than it already is. Partner it with suman and you’re good to go.

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Balut can turn away even some Filipinos, but for the brave of heart, this local delicacy and Filipino comfort food must be eaten on rainy nights.


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This list cannot be complete without champorado—the breakfast of Pinoy champions. But on rainy days, you can probably subsist on this alone. Vary the sweetness of the “chocolate porridge” by mixing in more sugar or milk.

With the rainy days outnumbering the sunny days lately, you now have more valid reasons to devour these local favorites and go-to Filipino comfort food.

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