Islands in the Sun

Beautiful Philippines is an archipelago made up of thriving cities,
amazing beaches, and teeming forests!


The Philippines is made up of 7,107 islands. That’s a whole lot! Each one is teeming with friendly smiles, waiting for you to come and meet them. The Philippines has a wonderfully rich biodiversity. You will be in awe with its natural wonders like mountain peaks, unspoiled coastlines, and deep woodlands. But if you are the type who thrives on city life, unlock the many secrets of Manila, its capital. Here, you’ll enjoy shopping, culture, business, cheap thrills, luxurious abodes, and more! Best of all, wherever you choose to be, you will meet some of the most charming and friendly people on this side of the world. Whatever your taste in travel is, you will fall in love with the many charms of the Philippines that the only question that will remain is when you will come back to explore much more!

Facts about the Philippines

Is it your first time visiting the Philippines? Be prepared! Here is everything you need to know, and then some!

The Philippines is shaped by over 400 years of history. Did you know that the Spanish discovered these islands first?


There are three major island groups in the country. Here’s how you can navigate them all.

Is it rainy? Is it sunny? How do you know whether to pack an umbrella or a raincoat? Here are the answers.

Almost everyone speaks English in this country, but knowing a few key phrases will get you good with the locals!

The country’s most visible national symbol also has an interesting story behind it!

Keep your gadgets and gizmos full of juice! Invest in adapters that are appropriate for the country.

No matter what part of the world you’re coming from, it is possible to find an easy flight to take you here.

How will you explore? Will it be by tricycle, jeep, bus, train, plane, boat, motorcycle, or carriage?

The national currency is the Philippine Peso. Keep your luggage close, and your currency closer!

From backpacker budgets to luxurious taste, your dollar will definitely go a much longer way in the Philippines!

In case your first aid kit doesn’t suffice, make sure you know where to get proper treatment.

Stay connected while you’re on the go! Here’s what you need to know about SIM cards and data plans.

Be sure your stay is legal and documented to avoid headaches at the airports! Get your visa early.

In a country with deeply religious people, be sure you know the prevailing beliefs to understand the culture!

You will be fascinated by Filipino culture for sure. Before you experience it yourself, here are some need-to-knows.

Curious about how politics works in the country? Here’s a basic on the government and its structure today.


The best way to enjoy a hassle-free stay is to make sure you are well-documented legally.
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Phili Philippines


Whoever said life’s a beach must have visited the Philippines! It is hard not to be mesmerized by the beauty of the many Philippine beaches! Beyond the itsy bitsy bikinis are miles and miles of pristine coastline. Do you love resort hotels with all the amenities, or do you prefer camping out under the stars with a ukelele and a bonfire? Here, you are sure to find a beach that is exactly the kind you are looking for. Pack your swimwear, sunscreen, and tanning lotion, because no visit to this exquisite country will be complete without soaking up some sun and surfing.


Oh, where do we begin? Major cities in the Philippines have a thriving foodie culture. Food parks and homegrown restaurants quickly gain popularity, thanks to innovative ideas that please the palate. International restaurants are also setting up shop here, giving diners a wide variety to choose from. Away from the city, you will find that local Filipino food from every province is as fresh and down-to-earth as it can get! From humble grilled seafood to the most delectable lechon, you will find that visiting the Philippines will also be a gastronomic delight! No diet allowed here!


You will find that people who visit the Philippines always make note of the warmth and hospitality of Filipinos. Experience it for yourself! The people of the Philippines are an incredible bunch. You will find them with a smile on their lips, ready to extend a helping hand when needed. For the Filipinos, it is very important to make guests feel at home, and they will often go above and beyond to ensure this is so! The fact that they have a wonderful sense of humor is also a plus!


With so many regions making up this country, you will find that the different cultures in the Philippines are incredibly fascinating. From simple things like clothing, food, language, dance, sport, and more, culture is deeply ingrained in the psyche of the Filipino people. To fully experience the best of them all means going out of your comfort zone and attending festivals in provinces where these traditions and practices still thrive. Remember to keep an open mind!

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