10 Things We Miss About On The Wings of Love

On The Wings of Love has finally boarded its last flight. We freaked out, screamed at the top of our lungs, and even cried at the much-awaited wedding of Clark Medina (James Reid) and Leah Olivar (Nadine Lustre) and their long-overdue honeymoon happened on its final episode.

We’ve enjoyed watching this reel to real couple every night and now, we are asking ourselves how to move on. Letting go? Uh-uh - not so easy. For more than six months, we made sure that we were at home by 9:30 p.m. and then we were glued to our TV screens. If we missed an episode, we would watch it on iWantv or ask our fellow OTWOListas about it.

So, how are we going to deal with this #OTWOLSepAnx? The struggle seems real. Let’s look back at the things we’ll miss most about this kilig-serye.

1Rico’s Spoken Word Poetry

Rico’s poetry made us feel kilig, heartbroken, and believe in the power of love. His poems include “Sampung Bagay Na Natutunan Ko Mula Sa Mga Umiibig,” “Kasaysayan,” “Babala,” “Limang Yugto ng Pag-ibig,” “Kulang and Daigdig sa Pagmamahal,” “Noong Unang Beses na Sabihin ko sa ‘Yong Mahal Kita,” “Ang Nag-iisa,” “Ang Mga Lugar ay Pawang Mga Lugar Lamang,” “Para Kay Jigs Dahil Aalis Na Siya Papuntang Amerika,” “Kapag Sinabi Kong Mahal Kita,” and “Sampung Bagay na Tinuro sa Akin ng Pag-ibig.”

It’s always a #hugot night when Rico delivers his spoken word performance.

2The Tenement Uno Family

Remember in On The Wings of Love when Tenement Uno held a benefit concert for Tatang Sol’s operation? Or when Clark and Tolayts joined a male pageant and represented the tenement area?

Through good and bad times, residents of Tenement Uno had each others’ backs. When the neighborhood caught fire, all helped to extinguish the flames. Clark’s life was even put in danger when he rushed to rescue Aling Bebeng, who was left inside her burning house. Still, Tenement Uno proved that blood doesn’t make you family, love does.

3Tatang Sol’s and Tita Jack’s Words of Wisdom

Tita Jack and Tatang Sol passed on wisdom not only to Clark, Leah, Tolayts, Tiffany, and Jigs, but also to all OTWOListas. They are our parents on the show. And what’s sweeter than a parent’s advice?

4The Rivalries

One love triangle isn’t enough. In the earlier part of On The Wings of Love, we had Jigs vs. Clark. Then came Simon. Leah was so lucky to have these three guys compete for her love! Haba ng hair ni Leah!

5Their Acts of Fulfilling Their Dreams

On The Wings of Love did not just entertain us, but also inspired us to reach our dreams. As what Leah always says, “Push! Achieve!”

6OFW Stories

More than a kilig-serye, OTWOL has represented some OFW issues such as immigration problems, the balikbayan box controversy, and effects of having parents working abroad. Through this show, we’ve witnessed the challenges and sacrifices every overseas Filipino has to go through.

7The OST Feels

We have heard the same songs over and over again, but we never get tired of listening to them. Kyla’s and JaDine’s versions of On The Wings of Love, Daryl Ong’s Stay, and Erik Santos’ Say You’ll Never Go made our hearts melt.

8The Hashtags

How can we not miss using hashtags and topping the trending topics worldwide? Who can ever forget the #OTWOLMostApprovedKiss episode when we almost ran out of oxygen as Clark and Leah had their first real onscreen kiss? We went crazy and tweeted like mad.

Other popular hashtags that trended night after night included #OTWOLLastFlight, #OTWOLDistance, #OTWOLSweetestSurprise, #OTWOLSweetestMoment, #OTWOLMostKiligNight, #OTWOLAmericanDream, and #OTWOLArrival.

9CLeah Moments

Too many emotions. Too many memories. We smiled when Clark and Leah built their happy memories. We cried when they started to hurt each other and broke up. Our hearts were shattered and every night was painful. Tissue, please? But when they finally got back together, we knew that it was a happy ending after all.

10James Reid and Everything About Him!

Dear Nadz, we love and adore you. But James Reid’s hotness is our kryptonite. And we know you feel the same. We will miss seeing him in all his glory on On The Wings of Love!



Clarky boy, we also need a true love’s kiss kahit paulit-ulit!

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