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11 Reasons Why Scarlet Snow Belo Is Absolutely Irresistible

Rosy cheeks. Fair skin. Bouncy curls. These are just a few things that make us super gigil over this pint-sized version of Snow White. Scarlet Snow Belo is the 20-month old daughter of highly publicized doctors Vicki Belo and Hayden Kho. Ever since she was born, she has been thrown into the spotlight.

We can’t say we mind, though! Why does Scarlet Snow Belo make us smile every time we see her on our Instagram feed? Let us count the ways.

1She is the one and only endorser of Belo Baby.

Image Credit: @scarletsnowbelo via Instagram

No more than three feet tall, she is the adorable face behind a range of baby products from cologne to hair and body wash. At a very young age, she has already graced numerous pictorials. While many celebrities pray and yearn for a spot as an endorser, she was born into this fitting role. What’s next for Snowy Bear?

2She has fun working up a sweat.

Workout 1: Footwork exercises. @urbanbabyclothing

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Like most toddlers her age, Scarlet Snow Belo is a ball of energy. She engages in a lot of fun workouts and even gets tired at the end of her sessions. What a cutie! Don’t underestimate those tiny chunky legs. Catch her if you can!

3She’s quite the dancer!

Have you seen her dance to the latest viral PPAP Song? Seriously, Scarlet Snow Belo can bust a few moves. It’s all too much! The amazing thing is that she picked it up on her own without the help of her parents. Put on any tune, and she instantly turns into a live dancing doll!

4She’s the most adorable flower girl the world has ever seen.

Just recently, Scarlet made an appearance as a flower girl. It took place during the wedding between Cristalle Belo Henares and Justin Pitt. Without putting much effort, she’s extremely capable of stealing the show.

5She is a future Mozart, maybe?

My lola Irene, my daddy @dochayden and a lot of my cousins play the piano well. I hope I inherited the talent too. #BabyMozart2B

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Scarlet dabbles into a little piano playing herself. She strikes a few notes. Who knows? This bundle-of-cuteness will start singing very soon, and we’ll be eager to witness it.

6She’s an animal lover!

Awwww besties! ? @scarletsnowbelo #TeamSnowyBear

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Scarlet Snow Belo has been spotted playing and having fun with her fluffy friends: Shih Tzu Mackie and French bulldog Amity. She’s extremely comfortable in their company, and the three seem to be great friends under a single roof!

7She can recite the letters of the alphabet like a boss!

With her dad as her tutor, she can recognize any letter of the alphabet in any order. She doesn’t even have any trouble deciding which letters go when forming a word on her tablet. She even follows instructions very well. I mean, how smart is this girl?

8She can pull her own strength!

This girl has amazing upper body strength, and she can hold her own weight for a long time. Move over, Senator Manny Pacquiao! Scarlet may be able to do pull-ups very soon and beat you to it.

9She is learning how to fly.

Yes, she is probably an angel in disguise. No, really! Along with her pet Mackie, she is really trying her best to flap her arms and learn how to fly. Totally adorbs this one, right?

10She’s rooting for…Team Gryffindor!

Image Credit: @dochayden via Instagram

As she is rocking her Gryffindor outfit, Scarlet Snow Belo doesn’t have to cast a spell on us to fall in love with her. We’re already smitten with her awesomeness and the activities that she engages in. Move over, Hermione Granger! Oh, do be careful with that wand or you might get an ouchie.

11She engages in a few house chores.

Relax, no one’s really forcing her to do any of these things. The only time she’s sweeping the floor is when she gets to throw a little dancing in there as well. Once her favorite song comes on, it’s a concert. Admit it! We’ve all had our times of mini-concerts and air guitar moments.

What’s not to love about this little girl? Scarlet Snow Belo has captivated us with her looks, intelligence, and charm. Let’s see what this toddler is up on her Instagram account or check out the hashtag #TeamSnowyBear.

What do you love most about Scarlet Snow Belo? Are there other celebrity babies you love cooing at? Send us a comment below!

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