'90s filipina crushes

Here are 8 Gorgeous ’90s Filipina Crushes That Still Got It

Long before we had Kathryn Bernardo, Nadine Lustre, Liza Soberano, Maine Mendoza, and other popular female stars these days, gentlemen went crazy over these eight ‘90s Pinay crushes. So guys, let’s make way for the ‘90s Filipina crushes of our childhood.

1Jodi Sta. Maria

'90s filipina crushes
Image Credit: @jodistamaria via Instagram

Needless to say, Jodi Sta. Maria still got it! This sophisticated actress’ showbiz career started to blossom when she became a mainstay of the popular youth-oriented show, Tabing Ilog. With her great acting prowess, she continues to shine as one of ABS-CBN’s brightest stars. Now, she’s a proud mother to Thirdy and a successful businesswoman.

2Antoinette Taus

'90s filipina crushes
Image Credit: @antoinettetaus via Instagram

Remember Anna Karenina and Honey My Love So Sweet? Oh, we bet you’ve watched these shows of Antoinette Taus in the ‘90s. Paired with Dingdong Dantes, their love team was pretty much the KathNiel of that generation. Imagine how popular this pair was! Guess all the boys out there swooned over this chica back then.

3Jolina Magdangal

'90s filipina crushes
Image Credit: @mariajolina_ig via Instagram

“Yes, kaibigan mo ‘ko. Kaibigan mo lang ako! And that’s all I ever was to you, Ned, your best friend!” Sure, you uttered that line dramatically! Jolina Magdangal is arguably one of the cutest ‘90s Filipina crushes. Her pairing with Marvin Agustin has made thousands of Filipinos kilig, which resulted to a number of shows and movies, including Labs Kita… Okey Ka Lang? where that famous line mentioned above came from. Jolina is now married to Mark Escueta and they’re blissfully living with their son, Pele Iñigo.

4Kaye Abad

'90s filipina crushes
Image Credit: @kaye_abad via Instagram

Anyone here become a fan of Eds-Rovic team-up? We bet you did! Another Tabing Ilog main cast, Kaye Abad has made all the boys fall in love with her simplicity and natural beauty. And just last year, she got married to Paul Jake Castillo and has joyfully announced recently that she’s pregnant!

5Anne Curtis

'90s filipina crushes
Image Credit: @annecurtissmith via Instagram

Unquestionably, Anne Curtis deserves a spot on this list. Still one of the most active and famous actresses today, Anne started her early years in the business when she won the role of Princess Dahlia for the movie, Magic Kingdom. Afterward, she got cast for several shows, like T.G.I.S. in
GMA and made a big shift to ABS-CBN. Not to mention, she’s now engaged to no less than Erwan Heusaff himself!

6Rica Peralejo

'90s filipina crushes
Image Credit: @ricaperalejo via Instagram

How could anyone forget the sweet and charming Rica Peralejo? The beauty starred in GMA’s hit show, T.G.I.S. and since then, Rica has been one of the ‘90s Pinay crushes that we all still admire. She’s now happily married to Pastor Joseph Bonifacio and a mother to Philip Nathaniel.

7Angelica Panganiban

'90s filipina crushes
Image Credit: @iamangelicap via Instagram

Certainly, one of our ‘90s Filipina crushes who’s been loved up to this day is Angelica Panganiban. The Ang TV mainstay has grown into an elegant woman. Popularly known as Becky in Sarah: Ang Munting Prinsesa, Angelica is still here to wow her fans with her wit and outstanding talent in acting.

8Angelu de Leon

'90s filipina crushes
Image Credit: @angeludeleonrivera via Instagram

This list won’t be complete without including Angelu de Leon. The Angelu-Bobby phenomenal tandem in the ‘90s has brought a lot of memories to treasure in Philippine show business. Angelu is now a mother of three and still continues her career in GMA.

Feeling nostalgic right there, huh? These ‘90s Filipina crushes are sure to make you reminisce the good ol’ days. Oh, how great it is to be a ‘90s kid!

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