Fried Chicken Lovers
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12 Things Fried Chicken Lovers Can Relate To

Fried chicken was pretty much a staple that came along with our Happy Meals or Kiddie Meals back in the days. Years after that phase in our lives, many of us still can’t seem to outgrow the love for this mighty comfort food. There’s just something so eternally enticing about its oiliness and crunchiness that calls us and makes us ask for more. Here at Philihappy, we are one with you, with all of you who share the same love. That’s why here is a rundown of the things that we, fried chicken lovers, can totally relate to.

1You never go through a week without devouring one serving.

Okay, maybe more than one serving. You’ve stopped counting.

2Not even when you’re on a diet.

Because for fried chicken lovers, fried chicken is and always will be an exception to anything. Have a fried chicken salad while you’re on a diet, if you must.

3You have, at least once in your life, eaten this for all meals of the day.

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Guilty as charged. You can even have it as an appetizer, entrée, and dessert. Fried chicken ice cream, anyone?

4You have your go-to favorite fast food restaurant that serves your favorite deep-fried goodness.

Fried Chicken Lovers

McDo? KFC? Jollibee? Ministop? Sometimes it doesn’t even matter which restaurant it comes from because…

5You love all of them fast food restaurants for gracing us with the gift of crunchy love.

Fried Chicken Lovers

Who says fast food is bad for you? How can it be bad if they serve this great ambrosia?

6Its skin has a special place in your heart.

Fried Chicken Lovers

That cholesterol-filled goodness makes our hearts jump a little.

7You eat that stuff to the bone.

Fried Chicken Lovers

No chicken died for a part of it to be wasted.

8Anything fried chicken is always a good idea.

Fried chicken pizza? Yes, please!

9That’s why you’d rather have fried chicken cake for your birthday.

Fried Chicken Cake

It’s better than sugar. Plus, you can still stick a candle in it. So it shouldn’t be weird at all, right?

10And be given a fried chicken bouquet on Valentine’s.

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It smells just as great as roses. And that stuff, you can eat. Well, ain’t that sweet?

11Fried chicken can always turn a bad day around.

It’s your source of happiness and one of the few things in life that keep you going.

12You know deep inside of you that you can eat this stuff for the rest of your life.

No matter how many you eat on the daily. Fried chicken is life. Fellow fried chicken lovers, where you at?

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