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Justin Bieber Cancels His Purpose Tour And This Is How The World Reacts

ICYMI, Justin Bieber has just canceled the rest of his Purpose tour dates due to “unforeseen circumstances.” Whaaat?

The Purpose tour has come to an abrupt end, and that’s just a fact—a heartbreaking one—that we’ll have to accept. But before acceptance, of course, there is denial and a whole mix of emotions.

Here’s how shookt the world is about the devastating news.

Raise your hands if this is so you right now.

Can it be any worse than this…

Or this?

Just kidding!

But think about the jowas who spent thousands of pesos…

Good thing, there’s refund!

And Kim Chiu who fangirled so hard when Justin Bieber said he will see her on his Purpose tour…

@chinitaprincess #KimChiu #BieberFever @justinbieber 👸🏻💖👦🏻✨

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Ouch, right? We feel you, Chinita Princess!

Purpose tour was just TCTGA.

The concert that got away…

Some were more positive though.

In all fairness to the Biebs, the Purpose tour had been going on for soooo long!

We totally understand that he deserves a break from all his hard work.

But really, we could only wish that we could use the same excuse at work…

“Hey boss, I can no longer come to work due to unforeseen circumstances.”

But wait, did you even have a ticket?

With ticket or no ticket, this is no reason for us to hate and leave the Justin Bieber fandom. Will there ever be any reason at all? We don’t think so! He has, after all, produced countless hits that continue to put us in a good mood. This is an end of an era indeed, but onto the next one! The question is, are we going to get a Purpose tour movie in the near future? *crossing our fingers*

To make you feel better, here’s Justin Bieber saying sorry to everyone—singing rather. We bet you’ll be putting his songs on repeat today!

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